If you thought something was wrong with your Instagram profile, specifically its filters — it might not be just you.

For users attempting to use filters on the social media platform, they’ve been met with an “unable to use effect” message that has sent folks into a frenzy.

According to a report from HITC and various users, the error is stopping people from using various effects on their stories, and in true digital age fashion, folks have resorted to another social network to express themselves.

What's Going On?

While the Meta company has yet to address the issue, as of today, more than 6,000 users reported having an issue on the app via Downdetector. If you’re unfamiliar, the site tracks outages by collating status reports from various sources including users who can submit problems on the site.

People aren’t able to access the filters due to some sort of bug or glitch within the app. Therefore, there may not be a need to fret as the filters don’t seem to have been taken away at this time.

Same Stuff, Just A Different Day

On May 11, AfroTech reported that Instagram removed the ability to use augmented reality features from individuals in Texas and Illinois.

“While many use filters with no foul intent, it appears that they go against the Texas Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act — facial recognition laws which were emplaced to keep social media companies like Meta from tagging users without consent. According to the outlet, a similar move was made in Illinois based on its Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act,” we reported at the time.

There’s also been news of long and short-term residents of Illinois receiving checks of up to $397 following a $650 million class-action lawsuit against Facebook. Per the plaintiffs, the platform illegally used facial recognition data prompting users to tag friends in photos.