Instagram will soon add a karaoke feature to its Stories as a way to reel teen users into the app, according to TechCrunch. The feature is set to compete with another Gen Z favorite, TikTok.

Instagram users can use the feature through the Music lens or with the Music sticker when posting to their stories. Lyrics pop up on the video as they are recited in songs, giving viewers more ways to interact with their favorite content creators.

This latest update highlights increased interest in Instagram Stories. Outside of expanding its in-app shopping function, the company has focused on creating new experiences with the feature.

Stories have been so successful within Instagram, other platforms have created their own story-like features in an attempt to keep more users tapping through their apps. Facebook and WhatsApp have their own stories that are identical to Instagram’s, while Spotify and Netflix are testing out the feature to give the apps a social media feel.

Spotify’s newest feature “Storylines” highlight artists’ lyrics, creative processes, and insights; however, the feature does not include video or live streams. Netflix’s “Extras” includes videos and photos of newly-released and suggested content.

Stories give users bite-sized doses of content from their favorite influencers, celebrities, and friends, so it is no surprise that more platforms are turning to them to solidify more user engagement. We should expect other tech giants to launch either some version of stories or add to something that already exists.