Ice Cube’s BIG3 has been making noise as of late for being certified as the first professional Black-owned sports league.

As AfroTech just told you, the stamp of approval was issued by ByBlack and US Black Chambers, Inc.

“Myself and the entire league are honored to be officially certified by ByBlack and the US Black Chambers,” said Cube in a press release. “From day one, the league has been dedicated to providing opportunities for Black players, fans, investors, and partners, and we are proud to be a part of a nationwide network of Black business owners. Supporting Black enterprise is a lifelong passion of mine and the BIG3 will continue to build upon its successes and lift up other Black entrepreneurs.”

Ice Cube has a message for the NBA and ESPN: Yet, it appears some major players aren’t giving Ice Cube’s league the spotlight it deserves.

On Twitter, Cube responded to a call to action post from NBA veteran and BIG3 athlete turned coach Stephen Jackson. In the tweet, he spoke out on the NBA and ESPN failing to use their platforms to amplify the 3-on-3 league.

“Appreciate you @DaTrillStak5. We definitely need everybody’s support. The @nba and @espn are doing everything in their powers to ignore or destroy @thebig3,” Cube wrote on Twitter.

Ice Cube first sounded an alarm back in 2020: This isn’t the first instance of Ice Cube making it clear of his wish for the NBA to put some respect on the BIG3.

Back in 2020, the co-founder also was outspoken when the NBA adopted the BIG3’s format for the All-Star games.

He expounded on the situation further during an interview with Basketball

“The NBA, they haven’t been the nicest to the BIG3,” Ice Cube told the outlet. “Of course, publicly, they say all the right words. But we know privately, there’s things done behind the scenes come sponsors, broadcasters, blah blah blah… So you know, that soured me a little bit. I love the league and I still respect the league. I think they should do more with the Big3. We’ve proven ourselves. We have a lot of their players or ex players and ex ambassadors as apart of this league. They believe in the league, so I wish the NBA would see that we’re complementary.”

Watch the full interview below: