Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) make the world a better place.

The HBCU experience proved to be life-changing for Travis Jackson. The Charlotte native found his footing after attending North Carolina A&T State University. FOX 46 Charlotte WJZY reports Jackson wore various hats serving as class president, Vice President of External Affairs, and student leader. Outside of his responsibilities, the public relations student became interested in organizing events and networking.

“I think going here helped him to really get to know himself and to accept who he was,” Travis Jackson’s advisor Wyndon Knight said, according to FOX 46. “I think that’s what helped him to bloom.”

After Travis Jackson completed his studies at the HBCU, he ventured back to his hometown. The spirit of the North Carolina A&T State University never left the heart of Travis Jackson so he conjured a grand idea to spotlight the importance of HBCUs.

“I’ve seen that there was a need for people to understand the significance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities,” he said.

HBCU Pride Nation Is Born

Travis Jackson launched HBCU Pride Nation to recruit and retain students at HBCUs. The online platform began through a series of tweets highlighting various HBCU alumni and facts. HBCU Pride Nation has since amassed nearly 500,000 followers on all social platforms.

“It has grown into my full-time career. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for five years,” he said, according to FOX 46 Charlotte WJZY. “It’s become a household name within HBCU community and within HBCU culture. We also have our own clothing line.”

Alongside aiding with admissions, the online platform has spearheaded networking opportunities with HBCU grads globally and produced events including the Hillman Experience. Around 2,500 students who attended the event obtained over $1.5 million in scholarships, according to the company’s website. Travis Jackson hopes his efforts and direct contributions will prove students can become successful by attending HBCUs.

“HBCU pride means taking pride in yourself, taking pride in your excellence,” Jackson said, according to FOX 46 Charlotte WJZY. “Knowing that no matter where you go, you have a voice. No matter where you go, you can portray yourself in a way that some people may not even be ready for.”