Jeff Obeng may have been born in the Bronx, but his passion has allowed him to touch folks all over the world!

Known for his viral skits as “Mufasa,” Obeng brings positive energy to the digital world through his kick-ass dance moves — particularly his popular “Go Mufasa” dance move that was featured in Da Baby’s music video for Grammy-nominated “Bop.”

Now, he’s dancing to new heights as one of the first social media influencers to land a “legit” deal with Fortnite, according to Blerd.

Obeng sat down with AfroTech to define what being an influencer means for him, how he’s managed to create authentic, feel-good videos, landing a deal with Fortnite, and more.

AfroTech: The term influencer doesn’t always have a good rep but you manage to carry it so well. If you had to define this in your own words, what would they be?

Mufasa: When it first came to the term influencer at first I really did not like it, but influence is the keyword when it comes to being an influencer.

You can influence people to do good things, but you can also influence people to do bad things and I knew coming in that I had to find a way to spread positivity because social media already has a lot of negativity, and who wants to add to that?


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This has truly shown me that I have the ability to change a person’s mood in a way that can help not only their day but their entire life and that’s what it’s all about.

AfroTech: I love that! And you’re certainly influencing others with your moves…moves so good that you landed a Fortnite deal, how did you manage to secure that and what do you think it means for other creators to come?

Mufasa: Well they actually reached out to us! They loved the “Bop” video that we did with Da Baby and asked if they could include it in the video game.

AfroTech: That’s major, congrats! Fortnite has faced backlash for using creators’ moves without compensating them, so that’s really dope. What do you think this means for other creators?

Mufasa: I think that it gives a sense of comfortability for influencers, that their content won’t just be taken from them without any compensation or partnership.

It also stresses the importance of learning the business side of whatever you get into as a creative. My hope is that my deal will inspire and allow more creatives to come up with unique dances so that Fortnite and even other platforms can pick them up and work with them.

AfroTech: That’s amazing! You definitely have managed to influence a lot of people through your viral videos. How have you managed to create those moments authentically, in ways that don’t feel forced?

Mufasa: It’s been a lot of trial and error but that is what allowed me to really find what was going to pop for my brand.

If you go to the first video that I created up until now, you will see that I kept trying different things and it wasn’t always working.

I did a lot of studying when it came to social media. It was really important for me to pay attention to the trends in the social space to find out the best niche for me to stick to.

It’s all about the energy and the message behind every video that we put out.  A small portion of the reason that a lot of the videos have gone viral is that they were funny, but in my opinion, it’s really the message behind it that allows them to do well.

For example, the weekend video did really well and continues to do well because it’s relatable. Everyone knows the joy that can come with awaiting the weekend after a stressful week.


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AfroTech: You’re so right!  I’m sure your story will inspire other influencers. So, what are the golden rules that every influencer must know?

Mufasa: My three golden rules are to be consistent. Consistency really is key in this world. Be kind. You never know when that moment at the top can change, so be nice to others as you climb. Never stop. Don’t stop doing what you feel you’re called or destined to do and be sure to find something you’re passionate about because you will be more likely to stick to it.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had listened to everyone who told me to quit. Continuing to do something that I’m truly passionate about has even allowed me to not only create content with people like Akon, but I’ve been able to soak up wisdom from people that I looked up to growing up and I’m very grateful for that.

For more on Mufasa and his moves, visit his site here.