Floyd Mayweather is from Grand Rapids, MI, but he seems to have an “Empire State of Mind.”

In a sit-down interview with Earn Your Leisure podcast, Floyd Mayweather not only spoke about the $2 billion offer he claims to have made to own an NBA team, but he also detailed the entrepreneurial moves he’s making in New York.

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Caesars Palace Times Square

While the boxer boasted about owning nine skyscrapers in New York City, he says he is also involved in the opening of Caesars Palace Times Square.

“Just in New York alone, I got nine skyscrapers. I got a casino coming to New York City in Times Square,” Mayweather explained on the Earn Your Leisure podcast.

Why Mayweather Has Become An Investor In Casino

Mayweather’s involvement in the casino seems to be a natural fit as he has been heavily involved with one of the partners on the bid — SL Green.

“SL Green is a company that I’ve been working with for so many years, and Andrew Mathias you know, great business guy,” Mayweather said.

“‘You see that building right there?'” Mayweather recalled while telling a story of a walk he went on with Mathias, who serves as president of SL Green Realty Corp. “He said, ‘Yeah, We own that. You see this building? We own it.’ So we was walking and walking. Then he said, ‘You know, a boxer makes money when he boxing. A football player makes money when he playing football. Basketball player makes money when he playing basketball.’ He said, but New York real estate, you make money when you sleep.'”

Jay-Z's Involvement With Caesars Palace Times Square

Caesars Palace Times Square could prove to surely make Mayweather and all the partners a hefty dough while also bolstering the overall economy of nearby businesses and the state of New York.

According to a press release, Roc Nation — founded by Jay-Z — is teaming up as the official entertainment partner of SL Green and Caesars Entertainment in the bid for Caesars Palace Times Square.

What’s more, Caesars Palace Times Square plans to generate billions of dollars in tax revenue for New York, as AfroTech previously told you.

“New York is a beacon, the epicenter of culture. We have the opportunity to create a destination at the heart of Times Square, the true crossroads of the world,” Jay-Z said in a press statement. “My partnership with SL Green and Caesars, this coalition, has all the promise and commitment to economic opportunity, growth and enrichment for the community, and everyone who visits the Empire State.”