Houston-born entrepreneur Chriss Rogers wanted to attach herself to a product she could be proud of, and this is the reason she invented a protective mouth grill.

“I found myself in a space where I wanted to create something that’s never been done before,” she said in an interview with AFROTECH.

And that’s exactly what she did.

In 2021, Rogers launched Ease, the retail brand that carries her unique product. Prior, the entrepreneur — who relocated to Los Angeles, CA — was the owner of an online boutique called Shop Chriss Zoe for eight years before closing shop in 2020.

Fast forward, and her most recent brainchild was conceived around the same time she was looking to enhance the creativity of her brand, Ease.

Prominently featured on the website is their popular protective mouthpiece. Rogers describes the invention, which is patent pending, as a “retainer inside a grill.”

Information on the company’s Instagram page reveals the oral accessory can display multiple designs and promises to protect your teeth against metal exposure.


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Thus far, Rogers says she has primarily self-funded her venture but she also received a small business loan in the wake of COVID-19.

“Almost everything I do comes out of my own pocket,” she revealed.

Nonetheless, her labor is steadily paying off. The boost from her viral clips shared across platforms has led to an increase in sales.

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She estimates at least 100 protective mouth grills have been sold since launching them in June 2023, and they start at a price of $130.

Each purchase will be customized to order as you can select an array of designs, colors, and finishes. Additionally, customers will be sent a “Do-It-Yourself Dental Impression Kit,” directly to their home.

“The kit will contain a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions on how to properly make a dental impression, the materials to make a dental impression and a return label. Once we receive your finished dental impression, we will custom make your protective mouth grill and send you back the finished product,” the company’s website reads.

In reflection, Rogers shows great excitement. She hopes to revolutionize the dental industry.

“I’m very excited because this can act as a retainer because now on the inside, it shows you generally how it’s made, which is a retainer inside of a grill. So I’m very excited for that because that changes the world of dentistry. Dentists are reaching out to me and they are excited about the product,” she expressed.