Dwyane Wade recently retired his No. 3 Miami Heat Jersey and after a 16-season career in the NBA, staying financially comfortable is on his retirement to-do list. The three-time NBA champion has a net worth of $120 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and continues to build his empire via investments like his D Wade Cellars, a wine collection, and Stance, a creative socks company. However, no matter how lucrative his endorsement deals or startup endeavors are, Wade confesses he still worries about not having money.

“It takes moments sometimes when I’m like, huh, that’s what I got in the bank, OK. But I still live with that mentality [of not having money] like literally, I have one car. And I have an Audi Q8, ” Wade told Yahoo Finance

Wade’s financial responsibility isn’t a skill that he has developed on the heels of his retirement, but one that he learned to live by early in his career. 

“Early on I didn’t have anybody to tell me no, right, everybody was around was a yes, yes you can do it, you can do it and I lost a lot of money doing that,” he said.

Since he has learned from his mistakes, Wade now makes sure that he keeps his finances in order by correlating the timing of his purchases with his income streams. For example, buying another car when he sells his house or signing another deal to generate revenue.

“I’m always about I don’t want to not be comfortable from the standpoint of what’s in my bank account. So let me not buy this,” Wade said. 

With financial responsibility and off the court business acumen, Wade is making sure he and his family remain financially comfortable throughout his retirement. Well done, Wade!