Drake will forever pay homage to Lil Wayne, the man who played one of the most integral parts in his life.


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The “A Milli” rapper signed Drake to his Young Money Entertainment record label back in 2009, and the pair have maintained a close bond ever since.

What’s more, even as Drake has continued to reach new heights in the entertainment space, when the moment presents itself, you still find him giving Wayne his flowers for being one of his biggest supporters.

During the Young Money Reunion show, Drake revealed that support was once in the form of $30,000, which changed his life.

“You gave me $30,000 that I was able to bring home to my mother and that changed the next like six months for us. That’s the most important amount of money I’ve ever made in my life to date,” said Drake in a video posted to TikTok.

Drake Came From Humble Beginnings

That moment becomes even more significant when you consider Drake came from humble beginnings. Growing up, he watched his sick mother make the most of her situation to create a better outcome for the family, despite financial setbacks.

Drake on his upbringing: “Everybody thinks I went to some private school and my family was rich. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I haven’t talked enough about it, but I didn’t grow up happy. I wasn’t in a happy home. My mother was very sick. We were very poor, like broke,” Drake told Complex.

He added: “My mother happens to be a Jewish woman. She wanted the best for her family. She found us a half of a house we could live in. The other people had the top half, we had the bottom half. I lived in the basement, my mom lived on the first floor. It was not big, it was not luxurious. It was what we could afford.”

It’s no wonder Wayne’s gesture had been the most valuable dollar amongst his pool of an estimated $200 million.

Drake Praises Wayne For Amplifying Artists

What’s more, Drake’s praise did not stop there. He also thanked Wayne for giving artists a chance. His label helped bring greater visibility to Lil Twist, Mack Maine, Cory Gunz, and one of the most impactful rappers of our time, Nicki Minaj.

“You’re the most important man for each and every one of us. You are truly the most selfless man on planet earth to find all these people from across the mother f–king world, bring us all together, and give us all a shot. This is me by the way. I’m your son. Look at this sh-t. You did this,” Drake expressed.