Behind every great man stands a great woman.

On The Role Women Played In Dr. Rose's Career

Dr. Jerret Rosenborough, who goes by the moniker Dr. Rose, can credit a series of women for leading him toward his current destination.

With a heavy social media following and celebrity clients like Summer Walker, Cee Dee Lamb, and Amari Cooper, Dr. Rose has quite the resume.

His career path was guided by his mother, teachers, and advisors, who encouraged him to join an academy in middle school and then later a Baylor University summer program while attending Roosevelt High School.

“As a kid, I was outspoken and finished my work. My potential made people invest in my time and that is what a lot of women, teachers, and people did because they saw a kid that had a lot of potential in this environment,” Dr. Rose told AfroTech exclusively. “Looking back, I was not thinking about dentistry. It was divine. I was there because I needed to be in it, and I needed to survive. I didn’t choose dentistry. A woman chose it for me.”

As high school neared, an advisor recommended community college as the next step. However, Rosenborough was still unsure if college was a place for him. His doubts were soon washed away after a pleasant experience at Cedar Valley College, where he also obtained a Rising Star scholarship. Rosenborough finished his time at the local college, completing major science classes and obtaining straight As before transferring to UT Arlington.

For a moment, Rosenborough considered becoming a nurse. In fact, he was accepted to Baylor University Nursing School. However, after further consideration, he was certain dentistry was the right fit. The rest is history as Dr. Rose can be found promoting good oral health at Uptown Dental Studio.

On Disrupting Traditional Norms

Do not be fooled, Dr. Rose is not your average dentist. He is disrupting traditional norms in the dental practice, whether through him opting to wear jeans and a shirt over scrubs or understanding the importance of staying true to himself. He says he’s the same guy who grew up in Oak Cliff on a local street called Hendricks and he refuses to change himself to adopt corporate norms. It has paid off, as Dr. Rose has a consistent clientele and amassed nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram.

“You can name a lot of professions that should not be doing the things they do but something in myself said ‘You know what they can’t be themselves. So, I am going to be myself,” Dr. Rose said.

He continued: “I tell people I entered a field of literally not three to four, but one percent Black people because of those Black people I’m the one who said, ‘I’m going to be myself,’ which made me the one percent of Black people. I’m not going to act a certain way — you are going to embrace me or leave me alone.”

On The Parallels Of Music And Dentistry

Dr. Rose is also proving even when you make it big, you can still pursue your childhood passions. When he is not in the office, you may find Dr. Rose creating new music as an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist. In elementary school, he attended choir classes. By his senior year in college, he was producing and engineering music.

“Music is important because you have to use tone, phonetic sound, or articulate through speech therapy, which plays a big factor in how you relate to people. With dentistry, you have to make sounds with the mouth and teeth. So, you gotta know the way the mouth and teeth are formed to form those syllables. So, all of this merged into one ball,” Dr. Rose said.

After working with various producers, Dr. Rose has since leveled up and launched the record label ILift Music Group (IMG). Currently, the label has staff with decades of experience from all sectors of the music industry. Dr. Rose was compelled to create the label to not only release new music but to protect his brand and elevate the people closest to him.

“I’m leading my people to safe and less risky journeys. What’s the whole point of living and getting all this money, just to destroy your souls over it. The best thing I can do is be a better leader first and drive them toward that route,” Dr. Rose said.

On Empowering The Youth

From his dental practice to the studio, Dr. Rose is using his gifts to better those within his community. His efforts are furthered through his nonprofit nonpartisan organization I Love Inspiring Future Talent (ILift).

Created in 2016, the nonprofit empowers underserved middle and high school students and introduces them to the importance of community, culture, and career.

“I have been speaking in classrooms for seven years before I graduated from school speaking to STEM programs and high school programs.  I always knew you have to show kids instead of telling them. The biggest thing you can get back is knowledge, especially relatable knowledge. True education comes in saying ‘Hey I’m gonna shift,'” Dr. Rose said.