Summer Walker has never been one afraid to speak her mind. The outspoken R&B singer’s masterful pen game has made that known throughout her discography. According to Rated R&B, she’s getting even more personal with a new medium — an audio series.

Walker is the latest artist to be featured on Mindset, a mental wellness audio platform, where she will be transparent on topics including social anxiety, relationships, and racism.


Audio Series

AfroTech previously shared how Walker is not a fan of censorship. In her new ten-part audio series, she is allowed the safe space to freely voice her views.

“You may know me as an R&B artist, but beneath the fame and attention, I’m human, just like you,” Walker wrote via her YouTube Channel under a video titled “I’m Opening Up For The First Time.”

She continued: “I’ve had to deal with people thinking I’m weird all my life. So it took a lot of time and exploration for me to be comfortable in my skin and learn just to be myself. That’s why I created a Mindset. I’m opening up about some really personal stuff, like my anxiety, how meditation has helped me, and the importance of being true to yourself. Opening up doesn’t come easy to me. But I wanted to record these Mindset episodes to let you know that we’re on this journey together. I hope that through my Mindset Collection, you’ll feel heard and motivated to chase your dreams.”

Mindset Platform

Mindset was launched in 2021 by co-founders and brothers Brian Nam, Eric Nam and Eddie Nam as a platform for personal story collections from recording artists, according to TechCrunch.

“We decided that there wasn’t really the right kind of platform out there for this type of storytelling, so we decided to develop our own mobile platform to uniquely share these stories in an audio format,” CEO Brian Nam told the outlet.

Where To Tune In

To learn more about Walker’s audio series, click here.