A recent allegation against Delta airlines has a few people wondering if this incident was a coincidence or was actually orchestrated as a way to lessen the hiring pool of Black job candidates.

Black Information Network reports that Regina De’Chabert recently posted a video to TikTok claiming that she managed to land a call back for a position as a flight attendant for Delta airlines after changing her race to white on her application. Receiving a call back for an interview has been a five-year-long process for De’Chabert.

According to the young lady, after “applying to delta for a flight attendant job for 5 years” and continually being denied, she decided to submit a new application “as a white woman.” This is when De’Chabert says that she “finally received a 2nd interview email.”


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Viral Reactions

After the video drew in over 183,000 views in just one night, a lot of users on the TikTok app had input on De’Chabert’s claims. Some even suggested that she might be overreacting to the situation.

“What I will say is I’m so happy for the other Black women in this field who have gotten callbacks, jobs, etc.,” she said in a follow-up video addressing those who responded saying they managed to successfully land positions at the airline — despite their race.


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De’Chabert further expressed that just because others did not encounter a similar experience, it does not mean that her claims should be overshadowed or immediately cast to the side.

“Just because you got the job, doesn’t negate my experience,” she said. “Just because you got the job doesn’t mean my experiences with this airline, and with JetBlue and other airlines in New York is invalid.”

An Issue That Needs To Be Addressed

Of course, this isn’t the first time a Black person has claimed to have been denied a fair shot at a job due to their race. 

In recent reports, AfroTech shared the news that another TikTok user says that a job withdrew an offer over a voicemail greeting. Countless others have reported that they did not receive callbacks for interviews due to having names that were “too ethnic.”

While a few people refuted De’Chabert’s claims, others rallied behind her even sharing tips that they’ve used to land jobs and even highlighting ways to shorten names in order to avoid the aforementioned name discrimination that is often tied into the hiring process.