TikTok has a new creative addition on its hands that’s looking to take creators’ content to the next level.

TechCrunch reports that the company has launched Effect House — its own augmented reality (AR) development platform. TikTokers will now have access to AR effects within the video app to grow their reach and level of creativity.

While already known for its extensive library of effects, the launch allows for creators to build their own effects, according to the outlet. The new expansion further tightens its competition against Snap and Meta.

“Effect House brings your storytelling to life through powerful, intuitive, and expressive features,” its website describes. “Our built-in capabilities — from advanced tracking to rich interactions — enable you to experiment, create, preview, publish and manage all your effects on TikTok.”

Effect House has been in close beta since its creation in 2021. Now, after it’s officially gone public, TikTok is opening up beta access from its initial selection of over 450 creators. However, the platform continues to be a beta.

The AR Effects

The outlet shares that the platform will feature documentation to teach creators how to build their AR effects such as Segmentation, Face Mask, Head Tracker, Face Stretch, and 3D Face. Along with the in-depth guidance, Effect House will include more learning resources like templates, step-by-step guides, online video tutorials, and a Knowledge Lab all at hand for both seasoned and new TikTokers to get rolling on filming videos with their effects.

According to the platform’s community guidelines, creators are prohibited from publishing effects “that promote colorism, negative stereotypes against protective groups, those that depict cosmetic surgery (e.g lip fillers), or those that encourage scrutiny of someone else’s appearance.” Videos with effects that fail to comply with the rules will be subject to be removed.

To learn more about TikTok’s Effect House, click here.