Chris Tucker is opening up about his decision to walk away from Hollywood despite massive success.

After being a part of the “Rush Hour” trilogy, the renowned actor says he felt as though he had hit the pinnacle of success as far as his career goes.

Taking A Step Back

“The way I kind of stepped back from Hollywood, at one point being the highest paid actor in Hollywood, I felt like you know it was a ceiling right there. I wanted more — it wasn’t enough. So, I stepped back, lived a little bit, traveled the world and did a lot of humanitarian stuff that really broadened my perspective of the world,” said Tucker in an interview with My Classix ATL. “That, you know, it ain’t just about me being the biggest comic or actor in the world, it’s about becoming somebody to give to the world — to inspire in some kind of way, hopefully. So, I like that I did that.”

His Success In Hollywood

According to Celebrity Net Worth, “In total Chris earned at least $50 million from his work in the Rush Hour franchise alone, roughly $65 million after adjusting for inflation.”

He later became the highest-paid actor in Hollywood at the time, then he left the scene and hadn’t looked back — until now.

Tucker has officially returned to the big screen through his portrayal of Howard White in “Air, ” the film that explores Michael Jordan’s journey to his famous Nike deal.

Tucker plays a Nike executive who was instrumental in securing the NBA legend his shoe deal. Today, White serves as the Vice President of The Jordan Brand.

This is the first time Tucker has starred in a film in seven years.

“I want to put the wisdom I experienced in the world, in movies and stuff like I saw that inspired me as a kid like, ‘Casablanca,’ ‘The Color Purple,’ and ‘Coming to America,'” he shared. “I definitely want to do a book. I definitely want to do a movie.”