Chef Pii is celebrating her viral sauce making its way to the shelves of a national retailer.

As AfroTech previously told you, Chef Pii was tossed into the limelight when The Pink Sauce started making rounds on social platforms.

However, the influx of new customers stretched the founder beyond her capacity at the time due to the lack of knowledge in commercial food production.

Now, she has a new outlook that she hopes will yield better results for her business.

“The next time I think of an amazing product, I will have a structured backing before I go live with it,” Chef Pii explained to AfroTech. “I expressed this to the youth and then also other entrepreneurs and the mistakes that I’ve made. Just taking that time to look at steps one, two, and three because you may not know what the future is gonna be like. Like, I posted in the video, The Pink Sauce was my product. I created The Pink Sauce in 2021.”

She continued: “A whole year later, The Pink Sauce goes viral. So, I didn’t know that I was gonna get over half a billion views from my product in such a short time. So, it’s just being prepared for the what if and the maybe.”

Chef Pii is sticking to her word.

Thanks to the help of a partnership formed with Dave’s Gourmet, a shelf-stable version of The Pink Sauce is making its way to Walmart.

“I appreciate them [Dave’s Gourmet] so much. I’m so grateful that we’ve come into paths with one another. I would have to say that he [Dave’s Gourmet’s President David Neuman] admired my endurance and my strength and also my belief in my product.”

“The Pink Sauce is a household staple,” Chef Pii said. “It’s one of those sauces that you’re gonna be like, ‘Hey, I gotta get back to the store to refill.'”

According to a press release, The Pink Sauce will be available for purchase in more than 4,300 Walmart store locations and online in mid-January 2023.

The retailer will exclusively carry the product until July 2023.