In case you didn’t already know, there is a list of greats carrying on their famous parents’ legacy in such a wonderful way — and AfroTech has had the pleasure of covering almost all of them. 

From Lionel Richie’s three children and their continuing careers in entertainment to Stevie Wonder’s ten children and their continuing of his musical legacy, Black celebrity children go out of their way to make their parents proud — and we’re here for it all!

Showbiz legacy families are not uncommon — but these nine celebrity children are not only following in their famous fathers’ footsteps, but they’re adding a tech twist to their family legacy, as well. From NFTs to NIL deals, from franchise ownerships to record-breaking contracts with sports teams, here’s how these nine children are bringing pride to their family names.

Bronny James — Son of Lebron James

Sierra Canyon

Like his father, Bronny James has been making business moves both on and off the court. As AfroTech previously reported, the rising basketball star has recently filed some trademarks that suggest he’s possibly entering the NFT (non-fungible token) space.

Jeffrey Jordan — Son of Michael Jordan

Celebrity Children
Robyn Beck / Heir

Jeffrey Jordan is one of the sons of the legendary Michael Jordan, and he’s continuing the family legacy in the best possible way. As AfroTech previously reported, he initially raised $10.6 million when he launched Heir, Inc., and subsequently launched its debut NFTs in the metaverse.

Marcus Jordan — Son of Michael Jordan

Photo Credit: Masood Ahmed

Another “heir Jordan” is Marcus Jordan, and as AfroTech previously reported, he’s working in a similar space to his dad’s…but in a different way. He recently soft-launched his sneaker business, TROPHY ROOM, in Orlando, FL.

Shedeur Sanders — Son of Deion Sanders

Celebrity Children
Courtesy of Gatorade

His dad, Deion, was larger-than-life on the football field — and as AfroTech previously reported, Shedeur Sanders is well on his way to follow in his father’s footsteps. In January 2022, he became the first HBCU athlete to sign an NIL (name, image, likeness) deal with Gatorade.

Cordell Broadus — Son of Snoop Dogg

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Cordell Broadus is one of the four puppies of the Doggfather, Snoop Dogg — and as AfroTech previously reported, he’s collaborated with his father and visual arts legend BossLogic to create the SUPERCUZZ NFT. Plus, they recently collaborated “to introduce the first-ever digital weed farms as NFTs.”

William L. Roberts III — Son of Rick Ross

Celebrity Children
Courtesy of Instagram/RichForever

On his 16th birthday, William L. Roberts III — son of rapper Rick Ross — was gifted an ownership of a Wingstop franchise, according to AfroTech’s previous report.

Shaqir O'Neal — Son of Shaq

celebrity children
Photo Credit: boohooMan

Shaq may be worth millions, but he’s not spoiling his children with his wealth. Instead, he’s encouraging them to take their fates into their own hands — and, as AfroTech previously reported, that also includes Shaqir O’Neal, who is said to have signed a six-figure deal with BooHoo Man.

Isaac Hayes III — Son of Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes III
Courtesy of Isaac Hayes III

His father may have written some of the most classic funk songs of the 20th century, but as AfroTech previously reported, Isaac Hayes III founded Fanbase to connect future musicians like his father to opportunities.

Trinity Rodman — Daughter of Dennis Rodman

Photo Credit: Washington Spirit

Her father is a basketball legend, but as AfroTech previously reported, Trinity Rodman is making her own way in the wide world of sports. In February 2022, she became the highest-paid NWSL player in the league’s history.