Black women are the beauty standard, period.

Janell Stephens — founder of Camille Rose — has taken her love of beauty beyond the small kitchen that was the birthplace of the natural haircare line back in 2011.

“What I’m most proud about is the fact that I am able to provide jobs and a comfortable living for my family as well as others,” Stephens told AfroTech.

Beauty is more than what meets the eye for Stephens. In fact, it is more about celebrating yourself and those around you.

Beauty As A Lifestyle

“Beauty is the culture,” she explained. “Beauty is the culture of us. Beauty is celebrating yourself. Beauty is happiness and laughter. Beauty is being healthy, and beauty is just enjoying life.”

When people experience Camille Rose products for the first time, the goal is to have them take things beyond just using the line for just a new hairstyle.

“I want people to experience Camille Rose, and not just the product for natural hairstyles, but Camille Rose as a lifestyle,” Stephens expressed.

A Whole New World

Now, the Camille Rose brand continues to soar to greater heights. Stephens is fulfilling a longtime dream of using her company to break into the event space. She used the summer season to bring everyone together during Juneteenth for the first installment of the beauty company outside of just retail shelves.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to do something big related to the beauty industry, related to our culture, related to the vibe of Atlanta, and just our people as a whole,” Stephens continued. “And then, when everybody started bringing Juneteenth to the forefront and highlighting the meaning and why we should be celebrating the holiday, I said this is perfect for me. This is perfect for me to put on my own festival.”