When it comes to hard work and perseverance, Janell Stephens has the game on lock!

The mix-master, founder, and CEO of Camille Rose joined Black Tech Green Money podcast host Will Lucas to discuss the radical shift in the beauty industry, utilizing technology to scale, and more.

“You cannot have this great idea and keep procrastinating and putting it to the side,” Stephens told Lucas on the latest episode.

Before Camille Rose took the world by storm, the beautypreneur would leave her full-time job and get right in the kitchen, mixing and formulating the product that has easily become a household name.

“I tell everybody that you can have the idea but you have to put the drive and the passion,” continued Stephens. “It truly has to be your destiny.”

She shares that while having passion is a major key, it must be coupled with the work ethic to truly make things work.

Besides having your passion, you have to get up and do the work and apply pressure or apply that one step that goes forward every day, and you have to do it consistently,” said Stephens. “If you combine the two, I think you have the formula to success.” 

Along with that hard work and passion, Stephens says that technology has also played a factor in the success of her company.

“I always say that if we were stranded on an island the one thing we could not live without or the one thing we could still run our business with, it would be my cell phone over my computer,” she said.

For more on how she credits technology for helping her to scale and grow her business and why she encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same, listen to the full episode of Black Tech Green Money podcast below: