The coronavirus pandemic has placed us in a very unique time, forcing many fashion designers to lean on digital practices to push the industry forward. Among the most popular tech innovations, 3D designs and models have proven to be a rising trend for fashion brands as of lately.

While some of the fashion world is looking for solutions to supplement in-person events during this time, creative fashion brand TIER is aiming to change the game entirely with its latest project.

On Friday (Sept. 25), TIER — a Brooklyn-based clothing brand founded back in 2014 — hosted a private screening of its 3D animated presentation at a local park in The Bronx to unveil its upcoming fall/winter collection during NYFW.

The collection — Projects ‘Old News, Yesterday’s Paper’ & ‘Joy To The World’ — is an extension of the brand’s creators Nigeria Ealey, Esaïe Jean-Simon, and Victor James.

The digital presentation began with a short film detailing the founders’ origin stories as well as the inspiration behind the culture they’re cultivating through fashion.

The remainder of the experience featured a plethora of 3D models showcasing the brand’s forthcoming collection, concluding with a series of phrases and calls to action such as “Support Black… period” and “Go vote… seriously” projected on a boxed blacked-out screen.

To assist with digital production, TIER tapped 3D artists Sherm and Segre as well as creatives like Devin Cobbs, Natalia Lens, Pierre, and others to bring its innovative vision to life.

“Yesterday was the true manifestation of a dream come true,” founder Ealey captioned in an Instagram post following the event. “The biggest moment in my career thus far – Us! TIER, A independently owned, self taught, self funded, Black owned brand executed and produced a Private Screening Experience for our upcoming Projects.”

According to event producer Cobbs, TIER has always been a forward-thinking brand and has had this virtual presentation in the works for some time now. Their decision to present its 3D project to the world arrived right on time along with the other tech-based pivots brands and companies have been making.

For the past six years, TIER has focused on creating simple, yet timeless products that resonate with their NYC community, and Friday’s presentation is proof the brand is moving in the right direction.

“Being a part of projects like this is so important to our community,” said creative producer Lens. “We know that people are watching us and looking at us and [TIER] wants to be able to inspire other producers and creatives.”

Photo Credit: Tier NYC

As young Black designers, Ealey, Jean-Simon, and James understand the odds will always be stacked against them, but they believe their brand is fulfilling a greater mission that’s bigger than fashion.

“We make it a mission to go in overtime just to show why we’re here—that our purpose is intentional, we are eager, and we aren’t going anywhere any time soon,” Ealey said to ESSENCE back in January.

Unlike other big-name brands that have yet to invest in the digital fashion landscape, TIER is “taking chances and risks that no other brand I’ve seen has,” said Cobbs. “They’ve done things that other brands have probably thought about doing, but are too scared to execute.”

TIER’s mission is more than just making clothes for consumers — they’re also dedicated to connecting with those who are invested in the brand’s journey.

“With TIER, every collection has a story or a vision,” Lens said. “They’re making it so you can feel it, see it, and want it – you’re a part of the brand and they’re a part of you.”

TIER is using Friday’s presentation as a stepping stone for their future pursuits as it continues to make daring strides that merge fashion and tech together.

“You can’t go backwards from a moment like [Friday],” Cobbs said. “The only thing to do is to raise the bar and take as many risks with these events as possible.”

To watch TIER’s full 3D presentation, click here.