A Black family-owned business has made history in Chicago.

ABC 7 Chicago reports that Matthew Brewer, Chuck Brewer, and Dianne Brewer have opened Grasshopper Club — Chicago’s first independent, Black-owned cannabis dispensary.

The cannabis dispensary is located in Logan Square — in the 2500 block of North Milwaukee Avenue.

“We don’t have a relationship or get support or have an arrangement with one of the large, publicly-owned cannabis companies,” Matthew told the outlet.

In addition to the family operating as owners of Grasshopper Club, they disclosed that there are “minor silent investors.”

Grasshopper Club’s opening comes after Chuck was arrested for marijuana possession on multiple counts during his youth.

“For me to be doing this legally with my brother and my mother, it’s priceless,” Chuck emphasized to the news outlet.

The 74-year-old mother is set to handle the financial end of the dispensary.

“I’m working on the accounting aspects of this business,” Dianne said. “I’m totally excited. I retired 12 years ago, and here I am working again.”

The idea to start the cannabis business came in 2014 when Matthew became involved in the industry.

Once cannabis became legal in Chicago in 2020, he and his family were able to secure a license to open. Then, Grasshopper Club gradually came to life.

“It was this opportunity for wealth creation, generational for my mother and my brother,” Matthew said, according to Block Club Chicago. “This isn’t like banking or engineering where the experts have been doing it for decades and have all of this experience under their belt. This is an industry where people haven’t been doing it a lot longer than you have, so there’s a chance to get in early.”

For summer 2023, the Brewers are reportedly working to open a second dispensary in the South Loop.

However, the family also aims to help fellow Black entrepreneurs open more independent dispensaries as well.