Legendary actor and rapper, Will Smith, has definitely left his mark on the world of acting as well as in the music industry. However, his entrepreneurial and investing efforts are noteworthy as well. At 51-years-old, Will Smith’s estimated net worth is $350 million making him one of the highest-paid actors in the last 20 years according to Celebrity Net Worth. Over the years Smith has invested in several startups and launched his own business ventures. Here is a look at some of Smith’s entrepreneurial and investment endeavors.

1. Westbrook Inc.

In 2019,  Deadline announced Smith alongside his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, launched Westbrook Inc., a cross-platform multimedia company that will be home to the Smith family’s original content. Westbrook Inc. will serve as a holding company for Pinkett-Smith’s Emmy-nominated series, “Red Table Talk,” Overbrook Entertainment, Westbrook Studios, Westbrook Media, and Good Goods.

2.  Just Water

In 2015, The Chicago Tribune announced Will and Jaden Smith as co-founders of the eco-friendly water startup, Just Water.

“This was a company born out of a child’s love for the ocean,” Will Smith announced to the Associated Press.

In 2019, Fast Company announced the Just Water brand had reached $100 million valuation due to it being sold in over 15,000 stores in North America, launching in 21,000 stores in Japan, and signing on to be IKEA’s Australia water provider.

3. Socionado

In 2019, Will Smith attended TechCrunch’s Disrupt Conference and invested $10,000 in startup, Socionado, the winner of TechCrunch’s elevator pitch contest. Socionado, specializes in content for employer branding which sparked Smith’s interest and led him to invest.

“As I built out my social media team, that was the idea — I wanted to take back my storytelling,” Smith told TechCrunch. “I think that’s hugely important.”

4. Dreamers VC

Will Smith is co-founder of Dreamers VC, a venture capital fund that aims to connect Japanese corporate investors with early-stage U.S. startups. The official Dreamers site showcases their portfolio with brands like Travel Bank and Mellitus.

As Will Smith continues to build his legacy he is sure to go down as one of history’s greatest multi-talented Black figures. We are excited to see what he does next.