Let’s face it: These are uncertain times.

As a pandemic is taking its toll on the country, citizens are urged to practice social distancing. For those of you unsure, social distancing is a set of physical dissociating actions that help stop the spread of infectious diseases. In this case, that means staying inside to combat exposure to coronavirus.

Under such personal and economic stress, what’s beautiful about Black folks is that we’re becoming more connected. We’re scheduling virtual watch parties, sharing emergency resources for funding and, ultimately, supporting one another.

However, as major corporations are taking a massive hit, Black-owned businesses are also devastated by closures and significant drops in income.

It’s up to us to circulate our mighty dollar within our community. So if you can, spend your money with Black-owned businesses. Many companies have even suspended ground shipping and are offering discounts to promote sales.

If you’re looking for Black-owned brands to keep your shelves and closets stocked while this outbreak passes, read on.

Brooklyn Body Butter 

At a time when you’re washing your hands even more frequently, you’ll need to moisturize twice as much. Founded — by Jasmine Matheney — to initially cure her daughter’s eczema, Brooklyn Body Butter offers a variety of scented, shea butter-based products to keep your skin smooth.


Reports say that coronavirus can last on surfaces for several hours or several days. Instead of tripping over yourself and others to buy Lysol and laundry detergent at your local grocery store, try PUR-Home. Created by Angela Richardson, PUR Home is an eco-friendly brand that offers cleaning products for your entire living space. Laundry, windows, counters, and dishes — PUR-Home has it all.


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Transparency Post: We’ve been chatting with different shipping companies over the last 3 weeks. UPS, FedEx and a few other services to help make our shipping costs lower. We get a lot of abandoned carts due to shipping costs. We get that we are in the Amazon era and their shipping ability and costs are wiping out small businesses. We are not complaining. We are innovating our process and product offerings. It wasn’t something I wanted to do but as of this Friday, March 13th our Shipping App provider is no longer offering their service and the app will no longer be in use. Gone are the high lower shipping costs we were getting to ship your products via FedEx (FedEx or UPS couldn’t or wouldn’t match the prices). So we are discontinuing use of FedEx and UPS for now and shipping via USPS. This will allow 2 day shipping as well as lower costs. We’ve looked. We’ve talked to many people representatives at these companies and we don’t know another way around it. We will have more information about our shipping process on Friday and Monday once we convert to a new shipping app that will support USPS.

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The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot specializes in all-natural and plant-based feminine care products. Buy up popular items, like sensitive feminine washes and chemical-free pads, to keep your intimates fresh and clean.

The Row Harlem Restaurant & Lounge

For those craving eats from outside your kitchen, try this Harlem-based fave. Order a to-go plate of their popular lobster mac ‘n cheese and an adult beverage on the side. Bonus: If you’re craving brunch, head to Ponty Bistro, also in the neighborhood, to pick up their maple crushed french toast. You won’t be disappointed.

Michell C. Clark

We all need an extra dose of self-love, and Michell C. Clark would like to affirm that. The Virginia-based entrepreneur sells hats, tees, and tanks emblazoned with “Love Yo Self.” You can take a Zoom meeting call or troll your loved one on TikTok in this comfy outwear. Either way, it’s a needed, healthy reminder if you’re going a little stir crazy while social distancing.

(P.S. The affirmation prints are must-have.)

The pH Company

The pH Company supplies items for all of your needs for basic personal hygiene. Most importantly, they have hand sanitizer! Don’t fight over Purell at your local CVS. This Baltimore-based brand has natural alternatives to keeping your hands clean. They also focus on oral health and underarm care, offering natural toothpaste, deodorant, and soap.

KLUR Cosmetics

Your eyebrows, nails, and bikini area may suffer while forced to stay at home, but don’t let your skin get dull and lifeless! That’s where KLUR comes in. You will find a gentle moisturizing cleanser, a repair serum, and a few other items that will keep your skin calm and looking radiant under stressful times.


Gyms are closed but that’s no excuse to cut out daily exercise. Trainers are stepping up to keep your body active even at home. Fitness instructor and performance coach Percell Dugger has designed his own WRK FROM HOME workout program “to support people looking to either maintain or start their fitness journey.”

Therapy For Black Girls

Social distancing can adversely affect your mental health. While plenty of therapists have cut off access to their couch, some have opened virtual sessions. First, ask your mental health care provider if they can switch their services from in-office to Skype. No luck? Use Therapy For Black Girls to find a professional who can give you a proper outlet in these conditions.


It’s OK to love Black films and shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. It’s even better to support Black content on a Black-owned streaming service. kweliTV has over 350 global, award-winning indie films, documentaries, web series, and kids shows. Start your seven-day free trial today!

Freedom Paper Company

According to ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, there’s a reason for the recent toilet paper frenzy. It’s a direct result of people’s anxiety amid this unpredictable outbreak. Besides, people know two things: They will need to eat and they will need to eliminate. That said, the Baltimore-based brand, The Freedom Paper Company, not only has toilet paper, but they also have other paper products to keep your home clean and neat.

Harlem Chocolate Factory 

Word to the wise: Don’t trip off that “Quarantine 15.” Add a box of decadent chocolates from Harlem Chocolate Factory to your hoard of quarantine snacks. From rich, flavorful cookies to delicious bonbons, you can’t go wrong with these treats.

Black and Mobile

Ordering from Black and Mobile is a win-win. The Philadelphia and Detroit-based delivery service connects app users to local Black-owned eateries. Thus, if you support this growing startup while quarantined, you’re also boosting the sales of other Black-owned businesses in your community. Again, win-win.