Music and technology spark a collaborative effort in playing a critical role in artists jumpstarting their careers in the industry. While conscious of how technology is a vital source for cultivating creativity, AT&T and Cordae have partnered in a new series, Emerging Voices, which aims to give viewers a glance into the worlds of multiple upcoming artists and how technology supports with both shaping and transforming their creative process.

According to Adweek, Emerging Voices is linked to AT&T’s dedicated mission “to encourage equity across multiple industries.”

“I love what we’re doing with Emerging Voices,” Cordae told Adweek. “It’s exciting to see all the ways we can build better connections with fans, communities and technology together.”

Along with enhancing artists’ creativity, technology also serves as a way to expand their fanbase and social reach.

“When music and technology come together it has the power to amplify new voices and reach wider audiences, furthering our connections to one another,” said Sabina Ahmed, AT&T’s AVP of Sponsorships and Experiential Marketing. “We are proud to build real, collaborative relationships with artists like Cordae who are becoming prominent fixtures and voices of their generation.”

Cordae is known as a young trailblazer in the music industry, making the partnership with AT&T the perfect fit. The Grammy-nominated rap artist kicked off the series with sharing his transition from writing his bars on paper to in the notes app on his phone and how this adjustment enhanced his initial approach to songwriting.

Emerging Voices not only provides featured artists a platform to express themselves by sharing insight on the early stages of their music, but also allows for them to build connections with their fans on a different level.

As the first partner of AT&T’s initiative, Cordae has a special performance in store for the digital series in which the company will exemplify the essentiality of technology in the music industry.

You can take a look into Emerging Voices below.