The rap game is becoming all about ownership and now more rappers are kicking off record companies of their own.

The latest among the bunch is rapper Cordae, 23, who recently announced the launch of his own record label, Hi Level Productions, which according to him he 100 percent owns.

Cordae confirmed the news via social media last week posting a logo of the new label. He also shared a clip from an interview with the Earn Your Leisure podcast where he shared the details about his cryptocurrency investments and his newfound independence in the form of Hi Level Productions.

“Hi Level, that’s owned 100 percent by me. This is something I’m passionate about,” he said, according to REVOLT. “All my friends, we all on that Hi Level sh*t. All my fans all on that Hi Level sh*t, so this is something that’s, like, near and deep to my heart and I own it. It’s my sh*t.”


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According to REVOLT, Cordae’s latest EP, “Just Until,” was released under his new label imprint and it seems as though he’s been building on this new venture since at least late April.

Over the past few years, several of Hip-Hop’s budding moguls and industry icons have stressed the importance of having an ownership mentality. People like Jay-Z, Diddy and many others have all leveraged their fame to explore different avenues of the music business as well as other endeavors.

Owning record labels is just another way rappers and artists are able to have a say so in how the industry operates. It’s also their way of paying it forward to rising artists who need the support of labels to reach the next level in their careers.

News of Cordae’s new label arrives on the heels of his upcoming album, “From a Birds Eye View,” which has yet to receive a release date.

Though the rapper is still signed to Atlantic Records, details of Hi Level Productions’ infrastructure in relation to the major label have yet to be released at this time.