Since first leveraging his rap stardom, 50 Cent’s business moves have been nonstop.

Deals with the likes of Vitamin Water, Effen Vodka, STARZ, and more have led him to a more than successful business empire, as previously reported by AfroTech.

Additionally, 50 Cent has also secured three NBA partnerships for his premium wine and spirits company Sire Spirits.

The mogul has yet to let his foot off the gas, although he already hit a momentous milestone nearly two decades ago.

During a 2012 interview with Power 106, 50 Cent revealed the biggest payout he had ever received at the time. 

“I’ve seen some good ones,” 50 Cent told Big Boy. “I’ve seen a really nice check from Paul Fireman.”

Who is Paul Fireman? The founder of Reebok.

“When we started selling shoes, the G-Unit shoes and Sean Carter shoes, that was a response to losing the bidding war to LeBron [James],” he explained. He decided to do lifestyle branding. He brought me, Jay-[Z], Daddy Yankee, and a few other people in. That probably was a huge success for me. I sold over $3.8 million [in] pairs of sneakers. And then, because we were intending to develop and build a brand that sticks around like Air Jordan brand, the Air Force ones, that aren’t connected to a person, it’s just consistently there, he came and took care of me.”

The Reebok Deal

After initially not wanting to drop the exact number, 50 Cent shared it as the interview went on.

“Over my entire time with RBK, I got about $80 million out of it.”

“And you still working?” Big Boy responded. 

50 Cent's Take On Evolving

“You move into different circles. You got people that have accomplished so much that you look and it minimizes your accomplishments,” 50 Cent told Big Boy. 

He continued: “You get off and involved in a race where you’re not actually running in the front…When I look at Forbes every year and we comment and they put us on the list, I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve been here ten years straight.’ I ain’t put an album out in three years and I sustained my spot. While everybody else [on] there released a record. I don’t even care to be there in [that] spot. Why am I in the music spot? Why not in the business without music?”

50 Cent’s business mindset helped steer G-Unit’s shoes in the right direction back in the 2000s.

During the peak of its success, there was a moment when its sales were reportedly in the same ballpark as the Jordan brand.

In an interview with the Complex Sneakers podcast, Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky recalled the moment in time.

“One time, I think it was 2005, we had a black GXT trainer, which was based off of one of our old trainers that he had saw,” Krinsky said. “And I remember that that back to school, we sold in one color like a lot. Like, 75,000 pairs or something.”

“In that moment in time and in that colorway, I think we sold almost as many pairs as Jordan launched for that period,” he added. “I remember telling him and he was like, ‘I told you. You guys didn’t believe me. You thought I was crazy every time I came in here and would ask [How much did Jordan sell this week?].'”

At the rate 50 Cent has been moving since then, there’s a high possibility that an even bigger check is yet to come if it hasn’t already.