Absorbing books, consuming news, and learning new information has seen a significant shift with the popularity of podcasts.

And whether you prefer Apple, Spotify, Audible, or any platform in between, listeners across the globe can access information otherwise not available, be entertained, and gain tools to maximize their trajectories.

With great efficiency from the comfort of their smartphone, podcast listeners have a huge library of choices from genres such as comedy, society and culture, and entrepreneurship.

The next time you are chilling, running errands, or engaging in the never-ending cycle of adulting, check out these podcasts that are putting in overtime to inspire and help you tap into the next level of your future.

"Black Tech Green Money"

Hosted by Will Lucas, “Black Tech Green Money” is a podcast that provides practical lessons on the intersection of technology and wealth building. No matter your industry specialty, topics are curated to support entrepreneurs as well as employees as they navigate the nuances of the workforce and their financial goals.

"The Career Salon With The HR Twins"

HR is usually portrayed to be only in favor of the employer, but the HR Twins walk through how people can navigate and maximize the workspace on “The Career Salon.”

"Side Hustle Pro"

Many people have stories about how their side hustle became their main gig. And Nicaila Matthews Okome drops gems on how to take passion products and turn them into profitable businesses on “Side Hustle Pro.”

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"Earn Your Leisure"

Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings give insight into building a solid financial future with top influencers, celebrities, business executives, and more. However, much of the material on “Earn Your Leisure” is for content creators of all types and how they can use their expertise to build and sustain viable income streams.

"Full-Time Black Woman"

Showing up as your authentic self is something people of color have experienced difficulty with. This concept becomes even more nuanced for Black women.

Hosts Aleese Real and Esha Belle of “Full-Time Black Woman” have conversations about taking up space and successfully navigating power dynamics in work environments.

"Brown Ambition"

“Brown Ambition” is dedicated to empowering its listeners to build wealth and make smarter career choices in the full agency of who you are. Hosts Mandi and Tiffany have high-profile guests that share their expertise and provide practical advice for their listeners to level up.

"Trill MBA Show - The Career Management Podcast For Black Women"

Felicia Ann Rose Enuha has coined herself as the trillest MBA you will ever meet with “The Career Management Podcast For Black Women.” She shares personal stories and tested methods for surviving and thriving in corporate America. While she caters to Black women, it’s some solid career development gems for all people.

"Code Switch"

This show speaks to the more significant racial systems issues in America. However, Gene Demby, B. A. Parker, Karen Bates, and Lori Lizarraga drop principles on “Code Switch” that any Black person in predominately white spaces can relate to, especially in corporate America.

"Started From The Bottom"

On “Started From The Bottom,” Justin Richmond hosts weekly interviews with people who have successfully navigated their way through work spaces without being a part of the “good ole boys” club. The insight provides people of color the chance to give real-life tips on what’s necessary to go to the next level in their careers.

"The Career Change Maker Podcast"

Want to switch jobs or maybe even walk into a new industry? On “The Career Change Maker Podcast,” Janine Esbrand talks about the art of the career pivot and how to do it with ease and without a pay cut.

The state of the economy and job industry has people scrambling to figure out what’s next. And while these podcasts don’t believe they have all the answers, they offer valuable resources that people can tap into whenever they decide to listen.