Apple is giving hackers their moment to shine.

Following the launch of its Lockdown Mode, the company is offering them a potential opportunity to cash out.

What Is Lockdown Mode?

The new feature is a way for iPhone users’ apps, websites, and features to be strictly limited for security. Apple describes it as “an extreme, optional protection that should only be used if you believe you may be personally targeted by a highly sophisticated cyberattack.”

Monetary Opportunity For Hackers

For hackers who are able to exploit the lockdown mode, Apple is offering $2 million prizes, according to HYPEBEAST. It claims that it’s “the highest maximum bounty payout in the industry.”

“Apple makes the most secure mobile devices on the market,” Ivan Krstić, Apple’s Head of Security Engineering and Architecture claimed, per the outlet. “Lockdown Mode is a groundbreaking capability that reflects our unwavering commitment to protecting users from even the rarest, most sophisticated attacks.”

Further Look Into The Upcoming Feature

Lockdown Mode will be available to the public once it arrives, but is it a need for all? 

Being that the likes of world leaders, celebrities, and influencers are more so subject to cyber attacks, they are the group that will benefit the most from the feature’s way of communication. In addition to the aforementioned description, the feature is set to block links and attachments via SMS, javascript on the Internet, unknown FaceTime calls, as well as “wired connections can only be used once the phone is unlocked and configuration profiles and device management cannot be installed nor enrolled.”

Interested in learning more about Apple’s upcoming Lockdown Mode? The feature will be available in iOS 16 in the fall.

iOS 16 Updates

As previously reported by AfroTech, many new iOS 16 features are coming down the pipeline, including updates to the Lock Screen, Dictation, Maps, and more. Additionally, another anticipated feature is Apple Pay Later, which will allow users to split the cost of purchases made via Apple Pay into four payments over the course of six weeks.