Imagine getting paid just for using your phone? Now you don’t have to with ZmBIZI’s new device.

The Z2 is the next evolution in smartphone technology, which allows users to be rewarded in the form of ZmBIZI Coins for using partnering applications, shopping, sharing, and searching on the device. When a user has garnered enough data on their smartphone they can redeem their funds. Each ZmBIZI Coin is valued at $0.01 USD and once users reach $20, the funds will be funneled to the MBZ digital Visa Card, where they can enjoy their earnings freely.

“Just being able to look at your phone and get paid is not what is happening today. What is happening today is you are looking at your phone three to 400 times a day, but Apple, Samsung, and everyone else is not giving anything back to you and they have no intention to,” Alpesh Pate, Co-founder of ZmBIZI, told AfroTech.

He continued: “What we have created is a device that empowers people to become better than what they are today. We put power back into the hands of the consumer without confining them to a certain airline or a certain catalog of products. They get cash on their card and they decide what they want to do. This honors the communities that we are targeting because Black and brown communities in America spend $3.5 trillion a year.”

Minority Business Owners Should Cash In

The Z2 will also revolutionize the technological market bouncing off the groundbreaking feat from the minority fintech’s original model, the Z1. The device became the first smartphone in the U.S. to accept contactless payment through Visa’s Tap to Phone pilot program in June 2021. The Z1 and Z2 also accept TAP and PAY™ from Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Courtesy of ZmBIZI

“Our TAP and PAY initiative goes directly to minority businesses. We are teaching businesses to be more principled and more powerful so they can generate funds,” Co-founder Benjamin Aubin told AfroTech.

Now small business owners no longer have to rely on additional gear to collect a payment, as their device can now become their primary point-of-sale. This propels ZmBIZI’s mission to put the power back into communities of color by creating a digital ecosystem where the rewards are continuous.

“We know where the trend starts and we want to give back to the source of that. We want communities of color to start becoming included financially in Fintech and they can from this phone by fulfilling their own transactions while having the convenience of a physical card as well,” Patel told AfroTech.

Phone Feautures

The phone comes in three boldened colors: purple, dark grey, and red. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but its internal hardware has 128GB of storage and 8 GB of memory, according to a press release. Outside of the smartphone’s finance solutions, users can still use their phones for leisure on the 6.67″ FHD+ display powered by a 4400mAH battery.

Whether you are a business owner looking to create an ad campaign or snap a quick product photo, the ZmBIZI Z2 will get the job done with its 64MP quad-camera equipped with portrait mode, night mode, beauty mode, and HDR, among other features. If users feel adventurous, they can switch to video mode to tap into an innovative Interactive Gesture video technology and editing software, which will feel like a “film crew in your hands,” according to the company website.

How Much Will It Cost?

The phone’s market value is set at $550 with the option of monthly payments led by StreetCred Capital. Each Z2 device will come with perks such as free shipping, a one-year warranty, one-year anti-theft insurance, anti-virus support, one-year cloud storage, a screen protector/case, headset, and charger.

If you’re already hooked, ZmBIZI has a holiday promo running until the end of the year.

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