Dreams really do come true!

According to the Economic Times, Brandy Fisher-Blood will now lead the company’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategies and will be responsible for overseeing diversity and inclusion efforts across Walt Disney Animation Studios.

She will also serve as the primary strategic consultant to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ business leaders and creative leaders which includes directors, producers, and production leadership along with its Human Resources partners.

Fisher-Blood will bring insight on the best inclusion methods that will help to broaden Walt Disney’s inclusion commitment both internally and externally.

“I was 8 [years] old when the first BIPOC Disney Princess hit the big screen and no words can express how it felt to [finally] see an animated Disney character resemble me on TV, in stores, on lunchboxes at school, on t-shirts at the playground, and much more,” said Fisher-Blood in an interview with the Economic Times.

Fisher-Blood will be responsible for creating practices for the company which will allow more seats at the table for people who look like her.

“It is truly a dream come true to now get the opportunity to work in a role where I will help to ensure others from underrepresented groups get to share those feelings of joy and belonging that 8 [year] old me had when they see a character that resembles them up on the big screen, or perhaps the inspiration felt when they see a BIPOC senior leader with a seat at the table,” she continued.

Bringing in over 15 years of experience in diversity and inclusion, and multicultural marketing for companies like ViacomCBS and Showtime, Fisher-Blood is no stranger to making things happen within the world of entertainment.

Fisher-Blood is a product of the University of Kentucky, the founder of Youth Across America, and is a previous Miss California pageant winner.

She also received her Diversity & Inclusion certification from Cornell University.

As Disney Animation continues to find ways to be more inclusive across the board, Fisher-Blood will now lead the way!