Great Place To Work released new research on the top three ways diversity and inclusion in the workplace impact overall business success. Great Place To Work prides itself on having the largest data set on employee experience in the world.

Its Hidden Pieces of the D&I Puzzle report combines 14 years of information collected by their Great Place To Work Trust Index Survey and research scientists. The data is a representation of 1,672 businesses and nearly 4 million employees.

The report shows that diversity and inclusion impacts a company’s success in these three areas:

    • Ensuring success in the midst of a recession
    • Reorganizing and restructuring are important events that determine a company’s equity
    • Failure to allow hires to showcase their full selves leads to a decline in the strength of the overall company’s operation

Business Wire also reports that the Harvard Business School and The Wharton School put Great Place To Work’s restructuring data into play and concluded that when a company takes on a re-organizing event, such as a merger, the gap in the employee diversity can reach 45 percent.

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