Wallo267 has never shied away from being transparent about how his time in prison has shaped him.

After serving 20 years in prison, the podcaster and Internet personality was determined to be successful. 

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

As previously reported by AfroTech, Wallo and his cousin/co-host Gillie Da King signed a new contract for Million Dollaz Worth of Game with Barstool Sports. The deal came about two years after the duo first signed with the company for a reported $3 million in exchange for a 50 percent ownership stake.

In an interview with The Pivot Podcast, Wallo267 went into detail about how it all went down.

“I always tell these dudes it costs too much to be a criminal,” Wallo267 said. “Out of a lot of people, I was one of the people to be able to flip that time. That five minutes that it took me to get all that time, later on in life, we in Philadelphia like probably 20 blocks from here — it’s a restaurant called Devon’s. I went into Devon’s … and it took me less than five minutes to close a multi-million dollar deal.”

“And that was in 2019, six months after we started the podcast,” he continued. “Now, we walked in the [Barstool] office about a couple of months ago and took four minutes to close another deal.”

Wallo267 didn’t give the exact number but noted that it was in the “tens of millions of dollars.”

During the interview, Wallo267 described Million Dollaz Worth of Game’s partnership with the company as “transparent,” recalling a moment that blew his mind.

Meetings With The Plug

He says the CEO of Barstool Sports Erika Nardini helped introduce him and Gillie to the venture capitalists who funded her media magnate for future possibilities.

“This sh-t don’t happen, bro,” Wallo267 said. “Who take you to go meet the plug? That’s when I knew these people was righteous people. It wasn’t no tryna middle man or none of that … And when I say they got ownership in everything — name a brand and more than likely they got some ownership in it ‘cause they funded them. These VCs big time.”