Disruptors, in the evolutionary sense of the word, are people who have abandoned the status quo. They thrive in their differences and are typically unbothered by the societal boundaries designed to box them in. There are countless examples of these people in the world, but one clear example is Tyler, the Creator.

Evidenced by his stage name, Tyler Gregory Okonma is a California native and award-winning producer and musical artist. He burst onto the scene co-founding the Hip-Hop collective Odd Future and releasing his debut mixtape 2009, titled “Bastard.” However, it was in 2011 when he released his first studio album, “Goblin,” that he started getting noticed. Reflecting, he acknowledged his musical growth and was honest about his work then. In a conversation on the “Rap Radar Podcast,” Tyler was pretty candid that while his lead single, “Yonkers,” is still one of his favorites, the album itself was not his favorite body of work.

“Bro, ‘Goblin’ is f-cking terrible, but I still love it,” he said on the show.

He continued: “I still think ‘Yonkers’ is awesome.”

Despite his self-criticism, Tyler, the Creator persevered and continued to produce other albums, including ‘Wolf,’ ‘Igor,’ and ‘Call If You Get Lost.’ His dedication and talent were recognized when the latter album earned him a Grammy in 2022 for Best Rap Album, a testament to his resilience, determination, and creativity.

Tyler’s musical prowess is also evident in his songwriting ability. According to Music Business Worldwide, Tyler was named the top artist-songwriter in Q3 2023. The ranking was based on the National Music Publishers Association’s gold and platinum certification programming with Tyler receiving 17 certifications.

The 33-year-old’s popularity was validated as he performed during the 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April, marking a full-circle moment for the artist. More than a decade ago, Tyler was kicked out of the renowned festival. However, his return noted growth in his journey and his placement in the industry as an artist.

“For the next hour and a half – for the next f–ing hour and 29 minutes actually, I’m about to be yelling on stage and singing out of key and jumping around, d— all sweaty,” he said during his set, according to the SFGate.

Tyler the Creator’s musical journey has been filled with exciting highs and massive wins. Although Celebrity Net Worth estimates the “EARFQUAKE” rapper has a $30 million net worth, his business portfolio is as diverse as his musical journey.

Tyler, the Creator is the man behind the skate-inspired clothing line Golf Wang. The brand is reflective of its creator — eclectic and prides itself on scarcity and exclusivity. However, according to CNN, that mindset has shifted some.

With the popularity of his luxury fashion brand, Golf le Fleur, he launched a fragrance that he hopes will reach the masses.

“I can’t front. I want the fragrance everywhere,” he told CNN.

In addition to his clothing brand, Tyler, the Creator was tapped by Louis Vuitton men’s creative director Pharrell Williams to join him in reimagining the classic 1930s Keepall duffle bag as the new Damier Golf, per The New York Times.

Fashion and rap aren’t the only things keeping the artist busy. He has also tackled the world of television with his show “Nuts and Bolts,” which airs on Viceland. According to a previous report from AFROTECH™, the multi-hyphenate launched Odd Future Records, partnering with RED Distribution/Sony in 2011, to release Odd Future material.

During a 2016 interview with Hypebeast, he gave a very simple response regarding what keeps him grounded and helps him manifest his success.

“I only surround myself with people who dream and want the best for themselves.”