Tony Hawk is leaning into the culture as he reimagines the creative direction for his Birdhouse Apparel company.

A New Direction

According to a press release shared with AfroTech, the brand has tapped Black designers and startup founders, Ray Milner of Milk Money Limited, and Randall Wade Cunningham II, creator of PRCZN, to lead its new creative for premium quality T-shirts and hoodies, which include the all-new upside-down Birdhouse logo.

“Birdhouse® was the first brand I started, and I have been equally passionate about it for the last three decades,” said Hawk in a press statement. “Ray and Randall are great innovators in their space, so teaming up with them to take our company into a new chapter is an exciting prospect. The new line will be authentic and unconventional, as fans of Birdhouse® have come to expect.”

Birdhouse's Latest Partnership

Not only does the reimagined logo represent a new era for the entire Birdhouse family, team, and brand, but it also symbolizes the newly formed partnership for RWCO, the brand development company co-founded by Milner and Cunningham. The organization works to train and develop brands to be able to work alongside high-profile clients such as Briana Miller, DGK, Juelz Santana, and Tony Hawk.

“By hand-selecting our company, Tony Hawk has shown a willingness to collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds and create opportunities for underrepresented communities,” Milner and Cunningham told AfroTech. “This is a testament to his dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion within the skateboarding industry and beyond.”

Together, the team will work to continue the well-established legacy that Birdhouse has already built with a focus on bridging the gap between skateboarding, music, and fashion.

“In spearheading the T-shirts and hoodies for Birdhouse, our thought process was to create designs that not only looked great but also aligned with the brand’s values and message,” Milner and Cunningham said. “We wanted to create pieces that would appeal to Birdhouse’s target audience while also incorporating unique elements that set the designs apart from others in the market.”

Moving forward, RWCO aims to add to Birdhouse’s mission of inclusivity and creativity.