Microsoft is taking its talents to the clothing industry, thanks to the latest partnership with Gavin Mathieu.

While the leading technology company is known for its years of experience in the game, producing all of the latest gadgets, they are shaking things up a bit with the new “Hardwear” clothing line created by Mathieu. He is known for carving his own lane as a streetwear designer, and now he’s bringing those refreshing looks to the company.

As someone who credits some of his earliest work as a graphic designer to Microsoft Paint, this collaboration was the perfect fit for Mathieu.

“It means a lot to know that a brand that I have respected for so many years also respects my work. I was first exposed to design using Microsoft Paint on my Pop’s computer growing up,” he said in an exclusive interview with AfroTech. “This foundation allowed me to become a self-taught designer like so many other successful creatives. When I first started out, I told everyone that I wanted to create a uniform for creative superheroes, and this collaboration has allowed me to do just that.”

Designed With Creatives In Mind

As the uniform for creative superheroes, the nine-piece apparel collection provides consumers with a sleek look that, in a way, mirrors the same look of Microsoft, but with an edge.

Courtesy of Microsoft

“While designing this collection I pulled most of my inspiration from normcore; an aesthetic that balances substance with style,” he continued. “Normcore derives from a subculture that went directly against the traditional rules of fashion, which is often seen as pretentious to those who don’t subscribe to what is known as high fashion or couture culture. While Normcore is highly recognized now, I realized that I’ve resonated with this culture for many years before it was given its flowers. Since I’ve always had a busy lifestyle, I always found myself looking for ease in my clothing options while still heavily laying into self-expression. To me, that is at the core of who Microsoft is, so I created a collection to celebrate that.”

Each piece of the collection tells its own story and is unisex, made with everyone in mind.

“When designing, I needed to create pieces that resonated with culture while still allowing room for self-expression,” Mathieu explained. “I want anyone wearing the collection to feel like they are a part of a moment in history.”

Pushing The Culture Forward Through Fashion

For him, working with a brand that continues to be an advocate for creatives like him is a dream come true.

“I’m excited that I have been able to be put in the position to collaborate with a company that is truly about pushing the community forward,” Mathieu concluded.

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