Employees being able to work from home (WFH) has opened the door for not only new opportunities but also better time management. When it comes to “Play smarter, not harder,” TikToker (@calirowe) has learned to master it on her own terms.

In a recent TikTok, the user shared how she distributes her checks thanks to her multiple work-from-home jobs.

“One deposit to invest. One deposit for bills,” she claimed in regard to how she distributes her earnings from two full-time direct deposits she gets every Friday.

@calirowe One deposit to Invest. One deposit for bills. Y’all got y’all work done, I got my checks. Yes Lawd #wfh #remotework #remote #fyp #workfromhome ♬ i guesssss not – luna

After receiving numerous questions about how she manages working multiple jobs, Cali decided to put people on game and broke it all down in a video.

@calirowe Answering a few questions… Also I’m thinking about soon starting a small group where we will go live together and walk through applying for fresh job postings together every day? How does that sound? #fyp #workfromhome #remotework #resumetips #wfh ♬ original sound – Cali

She shared that she works four work from home jobs:

  • Customer service role over the phone during the day (Full-time)
  • Email support (Full-time)
  • Night-time customer service job (Part-time)
  • Customer service for a medical insurance company (Weekends only)

Cali firmly expressed that taking on the four jobs isn’t much of a challenge for her.

“And then with my medical insurance job, there’s also some days I’m scheduled for my non-phone, email job on weekends. So, then there’s some days during the week, during the day I don’t got to work at all,” she said via TikTok. 

“So yes, I work four jobs but I don’t feel I work hard at all,” she added. “Most of the time I’m in my pajamas. I’m at the crib. I get food when I want to get food. I go pick my daughter up from school…And whole time I’m making money. Y’all can’t do that working on-site.”

In addition to balancing her jobs and being a mother, Cali also helps people who want to work from home with resume questions and/ or work-from-home resume assistance.


Cali's Breakdown Of The Keys To Secure A Job

She even gave advice on what she thinks goes into securing job based on this breakdown:

  • 50 percent resume
  • 30 percent on when you apply to a job
  • 20 percent on how you interview