Of all things affected during the coronavirus pandemic, educational institutions made a huge pivot from in-person to remote learning for students.

One of the biggest challenges for students has been adjusting to their new normal of online learning, but the class of 2020 still rose to the occasion to make it to their graduation day.

Among the 2020 graduating class is Palm Beach Atlantic University graduate, Nkiru Anyagaligbo. Even amid COVID-19, she still managed to secure her PharmD and MBA degrees.

Growing up in a Nigerian household, Anyagaligbo knew she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Her real interest in the field stemmed from her desire to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

“At that time, I had no experience within the industry – internships, leadership, experiences, etc.,” she said. ” Basketball had occupied so much of my time that I barely had any extracurriculars. So, my P3 year, I decided to get my MBA and make myself more competitive and marketable in the field I was interested in.”

Anyagaligbo faced a huge obstacle when COVID-19 shutdowns took full effect. When stay-at-home orders were issued, she was at the end of her pharmacy rotations, which took place in Silver Spring, MD.

As a Miami resident, she had no choice but to return home to safely quarantine with her family.

“Instead of finishing my FDA rotation in Maryland, I was forced to end the rotation a week early, rent a car, and drive down to Miami with my two older sisters,” she said. “I had to complete the remainder of my MBA courses online.”

Anyagaligbo enrolled in her respective major on the Pharmacy accelerated program track, so she didn’t obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Her opportunity to walk across the stage and celebrate graduating from college was thwarted by the pandemic.

“In light of everything happening in the world right now, it’s a bit disheartening not being able to celebrate the way I initially intended,” she said.

However, Anyagaligbo isn’t letting the global pandemic stop her future plans. She’s currently set to begin a fellowship program with Rutgers University and Bayer Pharmaceuticals in marketing.

In regards to her next chapter in life, she said, “I am extremely excited because, with this position, I am able to utilize both my clinical skills obtained with my PharmD and marketing skills obtained during my MBA. The best of both worlds!”