Aisha “Pinky” Cole is about her business, and she is paving the way for the next entrepreneurs to create their own empires.

As AfroTech just told you, the founder and CEO of the Slutty Vegan franchise blessed the entire 2022 graduating class at Clark Atlanta University with Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). Already, recipients of the generous contributions have gotten their LLCs off the ground and running in less than three weeks.

“When I graduated, I did not have a plan, but these people graduated with a plan. Now, it’s about how they executed that plan, and I’m looking forward to more entrepreneurs from that class of students who have gotten their LLCs to do something big and create that multimillion-dollar business, just like I did. If I can do it as a girl from East Baltimore from around the way and who comes from humble beginnings, I know every single one of them can too,” Cole told AfroTech in an exclusive interview.

1,000 LLCs To Be Given Away Throughout Nationwide Tour

Cole’s efforts haven’t stopped there.

The restaurateur is embarking on a five-city tour with her foundation and Varo Bank, providing 200 LLCs at each stop to entrepreneurs. Participants hoping to score an LLC will be considered through a random drawing. The tour kicked off in Charlotte, N.C. June 11 and will end in December 2022.

“I realized through this pandemic — people want a level of freedom. They want to be their own boss. So, I partnered with Varo again and took this thing on the road to jumpstart this several-city tour. We are just keeping our momentum alive, and that momentum is providing food for people who want to become vegan and also giving them a pathway to entrepreneurship by helping them with their LLCs,” Cole told AfroTech.

Credit Building Information To Be Provided By Varo Bank Ambassadors

Those attending the Varo x Pinky Cole Slutty Vegan Food Truck Tour can expect samples of the restaurateur’s award-winning menu, free gas cards from Varo representatives, and onsite Bank ambassadors presenting information pertaining to credit building, according to details provided to AfroTech.

“For so long, we haven’t had access to the information that we need. So, now I’m providing access to the people who need it the most,” Cole said. “When more people get access to information, it reduces the level of ignorance to the information that they’re seeking. More people will be savvy on business, on financial literacy, and they can make more conscious and sound decisions on where to put their money.”

Efforts Propel Cole's Mission To Create Fewer Roadblocks For Other Entrepreneurs

In addition, attendees will be provided further details on Varo’s Believe secured credit building card, curated to make credit accessible and spearhead opportunities for those with no credit, thin credit, or poor credit. These resources advance Cole’s efforts to create the change she hopes to see within the community and aims to ensure others will have fewer roadblocks than she experienced while venturing into entrepreneurship.

“I’m being that change. I had mentors along the way supporting me, but there were times when I didn’t think that I could make it. I went through the trenches and it was difficult for me at times as an entrepreneur because I didn’t have me and I didn’t have somebody to say let me put you in position. I knew when I got an opportunity I was going to pay it forward,” Cole said.

She continued: “I want to give people an opportunity to be the best version of themselves. I’m hoping people use me as a model to say, ‘You know what Pinky is doing it.’ I wanna also pay it forward to people who may come after me so that they don’t make the same mistakes and they too can be successful.”