The graduating class of Clark Atlanta University will have a head start as they embark on their next chapter thanks to well-known alumni!

Cole Shares Tough Lessons Should Be Embraced

Aisha “Pinky” Cole — founder of Slutty Vegan — returned to her alma mater on May 14 as the youngest commencement speaker at Clark Atlanta University.

AfroTech previously reported that Cole revealed Slutty Vegan is now a $100 million company. However, during her speech, Cole shared that her journey to success was not easy.

Cole graduated college in financial ruins and said she did not have a set plan. The entrepreneur also shared with the 2022 class, that failure is inevitable and encouraged students to embrace it as she believes your lowest moments are where you will find aspiration.

Clark Atlanta University's Graduating Class Of 2022

Despite the lessons ahead for the HBCU graduates, Cole wanted to ensure their journey ahead will be easier than hers and they will have a path toward success. Honoring her stance, she announced each student would be gifted a limited liability Company (LLC).

“Go and take over Wall Street, go and reform the criminal justice system, go and revitalize education, go and find a cure for cancer…go and build that multi-million dollar vegan business and completely changed the game. Whatever it is that you want to do, go do it, so that in 13 years, you too can come back and tell the class of 2035 that they can go live there’s too,” Cole said.

She continued: “I’m going to leave you with this, on your elevator to success. Let me be your maintenance man. I have partnered with Varo bank to provide every single graduate in this audience with a new LLC and a path to entrepreneurship. Every single graduate in this building will leave this stadium as a business owner. I didn’t have no plan but I’m gonna make sure that you do.”