Terance Mann continues to expand his portfolio.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Mann has a passion for much more outside of basketball. In fact, he told “Black Tech Green Money” Host Will Lucas about his ability to use his own persona to further connect with LA Clippers fans as well as to look for opportunities to invest and have a life beyond the NBA.

“When you’re walking around, moving around with agents, or within facilities, you can hear people talking about what [players] are doing off the court,” Mann said.“People are investing in different things, [and] people, you know, take life in through their social media.”


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One recent expansion move by Mann includes him getting behind a growing company such as Slate Milk. In February 2023, he announced that he joined the brand’s $10.5 million Series A fundraising round.

Other investors include fellow NBA player Duncan Robinson (Miami Heat), former Olympians Josh Dixon and Lauren Gibbs, as well as Brunswick Sports & Entertainment founders Romello Crowell and Julian Aiken.

This isn’t the first time Aiken and Mann have joined forces to tap into getting to the money.

Previously, the pair spoke about leaning on the power of the metaverse to create revenue-generating content.

“Every player, I’m sure has a personality that is not or doesn’t equate to who they are when on the court,” Aiken said. “Start to open that up, you know, if you are comfortable being vulnerable. That’s something that Terance does really well. He’s comfortable and he’s vulnerable and willing to show who he is off the court. When you expose and express who you are, they’re gonna be tons of people that might like the NBA, but love something about you that reminds you of them. Those are the types of things that you want to build content around.”

With both a promising investment portfolio and an NBA career under his belt, Mann may be on track to become a household name across industries. Let’s see what he plans to do next.