School may be virtual for the little ones but that does not mean that field trips can’t happen.

Teen activist, #1000BlackGirlBooks founder, and executive producer of Netflix’s “Bookmarks,” Marley Dias, is set to host online experiences with Airbnb this Fall to allow children to still experience field trips despite the circumstances of COVID-19.

The 15-year-old is joining forces with TV science teacher Bill Nye, and actor and director Olivia Wilde to headline the vacation rental company’s new collection of Online Experiences.

The virtual field trips have been designed to help parents broaden their kids’ horizons with the help of passionate, expert hosts. We’re talking Japanese samurais, dinosaur fossil adventures, and more out of this world experiences for both children and parents to engage in.

According to Airbnb, a new study of parents shows that extracurricular activities for their children are down 30 percent for those who typically take part in one structured activity during an average week.

“We want everyone, kids especially, to be curious,” said Nye. “Asking questions and seeking answers is how we make discoveries and learn about the world around us. We’ll encourage questions and share facts with a new generation about some of this year’s hottest topics in science. It’ll be a blast.

Dias will host “How to be a Social Problem Solver” alongside her parents to discuss her passion for inclusivity, equity, and social change while Nye will host “Decoding the Science of 2020.” Wilde will also host a “Socially Conscious Story Hour.”

“It’s a difficult time to be a student,” Dias said. “Without the structure of the traditional school experience in place, it’s important we find creative ways to incorporate immersive and engaging activities into our increasingly virtual lives. Airbnb’s new collection of Online Experiences is a treasure trove of extracurriculars for kids like me who are looking to connect with the world around us from home.”

Per Airbnb, Online Experiences will range from $7 to $100. For more information on how you and a child in your life can take advantage of this new exciting program, visit Airbnb’s website here.