There is so much beauty in making your dreams come true, and this former Target employee’s transition from team member to collaborator for its recent Future Collective collection is proof!

Before launching her fashion brand, Jeneé Naylor began her Target career in 2012, quickly rising to the role of store director at stores across the Washington, D.C. area after several years of hard work and commitment. Now, 11 years later, the company has unveiled its latest Future Collective collaboration with Naylor and her brand, which features 70 new pieces designed with individuality in mind, according to Target’s company blog.


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“From sketching designs in high school to working in retail, fashion has always been a passion of mine,” Naylor said. “It wasn’t until I was working full-time that I started posting my outfits on social media and gaining traction. Because my Target work schedule was so busy, I would create and batch content during my days off and post them throughout the week. I would get so excited finding amazing deals and helping inspire others.”

She added, “From there, posting on Instagram turned into a website/blog, which eventually turned into a YouTube channel, and the rest has been history.”

For Naylor, the recent collaboration with Target is a dream come true and proof that consistency, coupled with hard work, wins out.

“This is such a meaningful, full-circle moment that I’m honestly still processing,” she recalled. “From opening and prepping Target stores each season to being the current partner for Target’s Future Collective brand – it’s all such a ‘pinch-me’ moment! I hope to inspire someone to go after their dreams and chase that thing in the pit of their stomach telling them to keep going. It’ll all pay off in the end.”

Despite the motivation behind the brand being inspired by vacation items, Naylor says she is more excited for Target customers to add pieces to their closet that can be worn whenever, no matter the season.

“There are so many things I’m excited for when it comes to this collection,” Naylor said. “However, something I’m most proud of as a fashion expert is the sheer level of detail, design, and quality that went into crafting each individual piece.”

She continued, “Although the collection is rooted in and inspired by resort wear, these pieces truly are wardrobe staples for any season or occasion.”  

Most items in Naylor’s Future Collective collection with Target are priced under $35, and all are available for purchase online or in Target stores across the nation.