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How Coffee Badging Proves Work From Home Is The Future

By now, most office environments allow employees the option of working from home for at least some portion of the week. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic proved that working from home was a viable strategy for many industries, a wide array of employees have expressed that they actually prefer it over commuting into the office. Despite this trend, many executives, land developers and middle managers prefer to have some face time with their employees, believing that in-office standards are responsible for keeping productivity in check. While this may be true for some employees, many others have taken to a new trend called coffee badging, which appears to boost their productivity, while actually reducing the total amount of work they complete in a given day. Coffee badging is the latest cultural buzzword floating around office environments, centering on the flexible nature of the hybrid workspace. In order to break down how it impacts a return-to-office schedule, we’ll first have to...

Jun 10, 2024

Here's How One TikToker Claims She Juggles Four WFH Jobs And Distributes Her Earnings

Employees being able to work from home (WFH ) has opened the door for not only new opportunities but also better time management. When it comes to “Play smarter, not harder,” TikToker (@calirowe) has learned to master it on her own terms.

Dec 9, 2022

Some Black Women Prefer To Work From Home To Escape Racism And We Don't Blame Them

Working from home provides a certain freedom and flexibility that office life will never match, and Black women are taking advantage of that. Whether that freedom looks like working in your pajamas, taking extra breaks, binging Netflix shows during meetings, indulging in midday workouts, or for some Black women, escaping workplace racism, working from home brings various senses of comfort that some aren’t willing to give up easily now. Insider published a story detailing how Black women feel about working from home and how it gives them “more agency over their lives.” While the pandemic forced many companies across the nation to adopt work from home models, it also forced them to question their workplace culture, even while their teams weren’t congregating in person. In June 2020, an Essence Magazine study reported that 45 percent of Black women said they often experienced racism while at work. Slack backed that in its recent Future Forum survey which found that more Black employees...

Jul 17, 2021

Lightship Capital Leads $1.6M Financing Round For AI-Enabled Productivity Platform, Undock

Lightship Capital has announced the completion of a $1.6 million equity round of financing into Undock, an AI-enabled productivity platform, according to a press release . A graduate of the Winter 2020 cohort of New York’s prestigious Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), Undock , is a patent-pending AI that connects people ranging from different organizations, calendar applications, and geographies to meetings that work. “A few times in life you use a product and know instantly that it’s transformationally better than what you have been using. That’s Undock,” General Partner at Lightship Capital, Brian Brackeen, said in a press release. “The company has it all—it solves a real problem, with beauty and elegance, and it’s got a visionary leader in Nash Ahmed. We loved him at hello and the more we dug into the company, the more confident we became that Undock is an absolute winner.” In today’s remote work landscape, Undock’s privacy centered approach to sharing availability is...

Aug 31, 2020

Top Places for Freelance Writers to Find Jobs

If you’re a freelance writer looking for outlets to share and earn money for your work, there are numerous opportunities.  Start by setting up profiles on websites such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Upwork, and Fivver.  Make sure that you include a professional photo and that your profile is thorough.  Online magazines are also a gold mine for freelance writers.  Visit their websites and write down their submission guidelines.  Then, come up with creative topic ideas that the editors will want to accept.  Here are additional places for freelance writers to find work. FlexJobs This is a paid membership site that costs about $14.95 a month or $49.95 per year.  This website is not only for freelance writers, but it specializes in remote jobs.  You can type in the word “writer” and set the search setting for the past few days.  Once you do this, you’ll find diverse openings for writing jobs from employers ranging from healthcare companies to media outlets. MediaBistro This is...

May 22, 2020

Work-From-Home Online Side Jobs That Can Pay More Than $15/Hour

Work-from-home side jobs that can earn you more than $15 an hour include transcribing audio and video or instructing an online course. The income from online side jobs can help you reach financial goals like paying off student loans faster, and with a broad selection of side hustles available, you’re likely to find one that’s a good match for your needs. 4 work-from-home online side jobs that can pay $15-plus an hour Taking on a second job online can be an effective way to boost your cash flow , but side gigs are known for their variable pay. While the following online side jobs often pay more than $15 an hour, there’s no guarantee because of variations such as location and time spent. 1. Audio and video transcriber 2. Online course instructor 3. Social media marketer 4. Virtual assistant 1. Audio and video transcriber If you have a few extra hours on weekends or an extra hour a day, you could generate income by transcribing audio and video recordings. Kollin Lephart, founder and...

Mar 12, 2020

The 5 Best Ways to Earn Money from Home

There are people who cannot afford to work a regular job, and the reasons might be a disability, old age or having to raise children. For these people, having a legitimate source of income while working from home is the ideal solution to their problem. It creates an opportunity to earn money while having time for family and other needs that might be just as important. The challenge is that looking to earn money in the comfort of your home opens you up to a lot of scammers, as it becomes more difficult to verify the authenticity of some ventures. That said, as with most projects, it could be a dream come true if you are careful and are willing to devote your time and energy to making sure things work out. Here are the best strategies to consider if you’re looking to earn money from home: Consulting If you have expertise in a field, one of the best ways to earn money from that would be to market yourself as a consultant and provide professional services or advice for a fee....

Sep 24, 2018