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Terrence Howard Claims To Have Developed A New Hydrogen Technology To 'Defend The Sovereignty' Of Uganda

Terrence Howard’s recent scientific claim is stirring up a lot of confusion. VICE reports that the actor claims to have reinvented physics for Uganda’s advantage.

Jul 18, 2022

On Top Of His African Crypto-City Empire, Akon Sets Sights On Releasing An Album As An NFT

Akon is merging the world of crypto with the music scene, announcing that his next album will be sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) , Esquire reports. “Throughout my career, I have always believed that artists never really got their fair share of the profits for the work they produced and people listen to,” Akon told Esquire. “So with the idea of owning a piece of digital art, via an NFT, it allows the creator to benefit more and actually get more of the pie.” While his plans further affirm cryptocurrency’s ability to allow artists to maximize earnings from their content, it appears profit is not the only interest to Akon as he cites the NFT drop will allow for transparency and access to information from album buyers. “ My next album is going to be an NFT album. With that, I’ll be able to monetize it from the day it drops on every platform that exists. What that means is that it opens the door to full transparency where your music is being played, who’s playing it, where they’re...

Jan 13, 2022

Akon Debuts Cryptocurrency Card In Alignment With His African Crypto-City Empire

Akon is staying busy with his blockchain-powered cryptocurrency Akoin. As AfroTech previously told you, the currency was created to encourage learning, earning, spending and savings opportunities throughout Africa that is said to expand into other economies. The platform provides a solution to the current challenges faced by entrepreneurs such as inflation, limited access to business tools and services, and restricted government regulation, among others. Now Akon is finding new ways to leverage the continent’s economy through a newly launched cryptocurrency card that can reportedly be used anywhere where MasterCard is accepted. “It’s Done. The official AKOIN Card!!! Which allows you to now spend your AKOIN (AKN) were ever master card is excepted. I’m sure you can’t freely spend your crypto in any of your favorite stores right? Well you can with AKOIN (AKN) so grab yours now on before we expand to the major exchanges,” Akon said in an announcement made via Instagram....

Nov 29, 2021

Nigerian Startup Treepz Raises $1.5M To Modernize Africa’s Transportation Systems

Nigerian transportation platform Treepz has now acquired Ugabus — a bus transportation service that groups inter-city bus operators in Uganda — due to an acquisition totaling $1.5 million in funding. According to TechCrunch, the funds served as an addition to a previous seed round from August, in which $1.3 million was raised. The contributors to the extension were Japan-based Uncovered Fund, Dubai-based Blanford Capital and Jonomi Capital and Egypt-based Jedar Capital. With recent funding, Ugabus — to be renamed Treepz beginning on Dec. 1 — currently houses 70 percent of the country’s bus operations and over 50,000 customers in Uganda, TechCrunch reports. Now the Nigerian transportation platform is one step closer to fulfilling its plans to expand throughout the continent. ​​“We’ll be able to service most of the major cities in Uganda, but the good thing about East Africa is they have very seamless borders between the countries, so it’s easy to move from Uganda to Rwanda, Uganda to...

Nov 22, 2021

Akon Set to Begin Building Second Futuristic, Crypto-Based City in Uganda

Akon is steadily building up his African crypto-city empire, and now he’s got his sights set on another city outside of Senegal. According to reports from the Ugandan government, they share that they’ve allocated one square mile of land to the rapper and business mogul to allow construction to begin on his cryptocurrency-based city, REVOLT reports. Following the announcement of his plans to transform Senegal into a futuristic city, Akon is now preparing to build his second AKoin-operated city in Uganda which is set to be completed by the year 2036. Though he has not yet released details on how much the new construction project will cost, we know that its sister city was a $6 billion costly operation. Additionally, amenities have not been announced either but Complex predicts that it will likely follow the same model as Senegal’s blueprint — which includes a Hamptons Hospital campus, Hamptons Mall, a school, police department, and waste management service as well as parks, stadiums,...

Apr 6, 2021

Rozina Negusei to Invest $12M in Uganda to Transform It Into the Entertainment Industry's New Home

Award-winning Senegalese-American recording artist and entrepreneur Akon has been known to dabble in Africa’s business dealings for years, and now his wife is gearing up to do the same. Rozina Negusei — President and CEO of Zanar Entertainment, Entreeg Records, and Entreeg Entertainment Group — recently announced that she plans to invest a total of $12 million in the Ugandan entertainment industry to explore a plethora of available business opportunities worth backing, according to local outlet Sqoop. “We are here to explore new opportunities in Uganda, we are focused on investing in Agriculture, solar, and real estate,” she said. “Our main focus is to see how we can bridge the gap between East Africa and West Africa in terms of business and trade.” Negusei was reportedly invited to Uganda by East African Partners (EAP) managing director, Isaac Kigozi. Along with her came a group of Turkish investors, who are set to visit a few government departments, agencies, and private sector...

Feb 1, 2021

Drake's Co-Sign on a Viral Video Boosts Donations to This African Organization

Social media is slowly but surely making the world a better place. Who knew a simple share of a viral Instagram video could pour hundreds of dollars in donations to an African organization. Drake’s latest single , “Tootsie Slide,” was slated to be the next viral sensation perfect for TikTok influencers to record videos to way before its release and has now set a new record on the platform, according to REVOLT TV . On Friday (April 17), sponsored kids from Masaka Kids Africana — a nonprofit that provides Ugandan children with shelter, food, clothing, education, and medical care — posted a video showing off their dance moves to Drake’s hit song. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Masaka Kids Africana (@masakakidsafricana) Drake caught wind of the video and shared it on his Instagram Story to his 65 million followers. Masaka Kids Africana founder, Suuna Hassan, told TMZ the kids cried “tears of joy” after finding out they got Drake’s stamp of approval. Hassan also shared with...

Apr 23, 2020

Uganda is Seeing A Sharp Drop in Internet Users After Imposing Social Media Tax

Millions of Ugandans have stopped using the internet after the country’s government imposed a social media tax intended to curb online gossip, according to the Guardian. Nearly 2.5 million citizens have stopped using the internet following the tax, which charges 200 Ugandan shillings a day. The tax has caused concerns over free speech and access to financial services via mobile banking. “Social media has become the major source of news and political information,” Irene Ikomu, a Ugandan lawyer, told the Guardian. “Heightened exposure to information via the internet has led to Ugandan citizens being more critical about political conditions in the country.” In America, similar issues have risen with the dismantling regulations of net neutrality–equal access to the internet. In 2017, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted to end some regulations, allowing for internet providers to charge more for certain content. Uganda Communications Commission officials expect the drop in...

Mar 1, 2019