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Seven Complaints About Black Businesses From Black Consumers

If you search “#BuyBlack” or “#SupportBlackBusinesses” on any social media outlet, you’ll see tons of love, unity, and support for startups and small businesses. You’ll also find several complaints about Black businesses from Black customers that almost always start like this: “I would love to support Black businesses, but…” Yes, there may be a hater in the bunch, but are these complaints issues that need to be addressed? Here are seven common complaints Black customers have about Black businesses, and how to make sure your business avoids them. “It’s been three weeks, and no one has responded to my email.” Many customers complain about the lack of communication from Black-owned businesses. Customers don’t like to be ignored, especially when money is involved. One way to ensure that your company’s customer service etiquette is on point is to delegate tasks and have a team that is as passionate about the vision of your company as you are. Most times emails go unanswered simply...

Devin Crudup

Sep 27, 2019