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My Dream Job Just Ghosted Me? What Now?

Ghosting is no longer just an issue of the dating world; it has also infiltrated professional spaces. Job ghosting occurs when one party abruptly ceases communication without any explanation, leaving the other party feeling ignored or rejected. This trend has become increasingly prevalent during the hiring process, confusing job seekers and employers. In a 2023 ZipRecruiter survey, approximately 21.6% of respondents admitted to “ghosting” a potential employer during their most recent job search. And younger employees were reportedly “the biggest culprits” of ghosting, according to Business Insider. What To Do If An Employer Ghosts You In The Hiring Process Although the trend of ghosting has seen a spike for job recruiters, many job seekers have also experienced ghosting from potential employers within all stages of the hiring process. Discovering that your potential employer has ghosted you can be frustrating, but it’s important to take proactive steps to navigate this situation....

Mar 1, 2024