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Master P Named Chairman Of The Board For Launch Cart, 'An Alternative For Shopify'

One of today’s top businessmen is carving his path in tech.

Jan 25, 2023

Meet One Of The Youngest Black Women To Raise Over $1M In A Pre-Seed Round For A Fashion & Lifestyle Company

As an entrepreneur with a new idea, before the investors and capital come, you become your own biggest hype man. When Amira Rasool first launched The Folklore Group — an e-commerce retailer for African fashion brands — in 2018, she full-heartedly believed in her platform with the mission of helping African designers gain more support from retailers and consumers around the world. Coming from the world of fashion and deeply familiarizing herself with African clothing after traveling to South Africa, Rasool recognized that she possessed the network, knowledge, and passion to solve the issue of the lack of direct-to-consumer platforms across the continent. Her realization turned to action once she envisioned just how wide the door of economic opportunities could be for African designers with her creating a platform to make it happen. “They don’t need another magazine article if they can’t link back to a website where customers can purchase [their brand.] I didn’t want to just be there...

Apr 7, 2022

These Two Founders Launched A Community-Based Platform To Help Black-Owned Brands FLOURYSH

In the same way that a platform’s “why” plays a part in its trajectory, its name also plays a key role in laying the foundation for what it aims to contribute to its members. In this case, FLOURYSH was named with pure intention by entrepreneurs Steve Canal and Enitan Bereola as the online marketplace works to help independent Black-owned brands expand toward success. Consumers are naturally drawn to the heart of what businesses stand for, and the stories behind the brands hosted on the eCommerce platform are amplified through a unique partnership with both Black business owners and storytellers. Driven by community, the overall mission of FLOURYSH is to connect people with their target audience, ultimately putting more eyes on their work. “A lot of brands exist in silos and you can literally get disbursed 20 Black brands by scouring the internet or scouring Instagram. And once you’ve learned them, you’ll realize they come with these whole communities. It’s like you’re late to the...

Feb 26, 2022

OnePass, A Nigerian Startup Resolving Cart Abandonment Issues, Closes $1M Pre-Seed Round

Online shopping can be a breeze when you’re a pro. However, even the savviest online shoppers can find online checkout experiences to be extraneous. In fact, 7 out of every 10 customers will abandon their cart due to difficulties, according to Sleek Note. Since checkout concerns hit home for founder Samuel Eze — who observed the frustration of his mother’s shopping experiences — he decided to found Nigerian startup OnePass to rectify e-commerce checkout problems. “I watched my mother struggle to shop online where I saw her set up multiple accounts on different platforms while going through a rigorous checkout process,” Eze shared with TechCrunch. “In many cases, she ended up dropping the card and moving on to a different online store. Seeing the same pattern happen with other friends and family, I had to dive into it and found that it was actually a major headache for consumers and online retailers.” To ease the headache, Eze designed a platform that allows shoppers to navigate...

Sep 10, 2021

Industry Vets Create All-Inclusive E-Commerce Platform For Black and Brown Brands to Disrupt the Beauty Industry

More allyship in the beauty industry is needed for Black and brown-founded brands who deserve a bigger platform to showcase their work. Thirteen Lune — a first-of-its-kind e-commerce platform — is setting out to create that space for these founders in a way that resonates with their consumers and also creates more financial gains for these brands. According to a press release, Thirteen Lune was launched to create an experience for consumers that allows them to discover beauty brands founded by Black and Brown entrepreneurs. As stated on the platform’s website, Thirteen Lune is considered the world’s first fully inclusive beauty platform that redefines how Black and Brown beauty brands are viewed from a consumer and industry standpoint. The purpose of the platform is to give each beauty brand a space to both educate and engage a wider audience. Thirteen Lune was co-founded by Nyakio Grieco — founder of nyakio™️ Beauty — and Patrick Herning — founder and CEO of plus size-inclusive...

Dec 3, 2020

How to Start a Web Design Business in 3 Steps

Web design is a booming industry and will only continue to grow as more entrepreneurs go online. If you want to start your own web design business, don’t get discouraged by the requirements you think you need to meet.  You don’t need to enroll in an expensive web design course. As long as you’re willing to commit to your business and dedicate a lot of your time, having a lucrative web design business can be your reality. HOW TO START A WEB DESIGN BUSINESS IN 3 STEPS Starting a web design business is more than just choosing a company and domain name. Let’s get into the other important aspects of a web design business. 1. STAND OUT FROM COMPETITORS While the web design industry is teeming with opportunity, it’s also highly saturated with ambitious web designers like you. So it’s important to set your business apart from others. For example, if everyone else is selling “responsive”, “beautiful”, “professional”, and “affordable” web design services, you can sell “fast” web design. Some...

Nov 5, 2020

Six Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Gaining traction for new e-commerce or web-based startups can involve a growth strategy that ensures an increase in sales, moving products, and attracting new customers. While focused on web views and marketing, as a startup founder you don’t want to neglect conversion optimization. Conversion rate optimization focuses on converting mere traffic into actual paying customers. Here are six pro tips to help you boost your customer conversion rate: 1. Lower the Number of Abandoned Carts One way to gauge your conversion rate is to look into your abandoned cart stats. Heavy views and lack of sales could signal potential customers merely “window shopping.” A study conducted by Statista shows the average e-commerce cart abandonment is nearly 70 percent. To avoid abandoned cart syndrome, try getting rid of hidden fees. We’ve all been there. You get to the checkout page and boom, there’s an additional fee tacked on for shipping or a pesky transaction fee. Hidden fees can be a major turn off...

Oct 18, 2019