One of today’s top businessmen is carving his path in tech.

Master P has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board for Launch Cart — “an alternative to Shopify” — according to a press release shared with AfroTech.

As a serial entrepreneur himself, the business mogul is set to help entrepreneurs launch their online businesses under his new role.

Courtesy of Launch Cart

“When you look at me as an entrepreneur, I’m an expert at this level to where when you want to market your business, create your business, this is the [platform] that you want to come to,” Master P told AfroTech. “People are converting already because we definitely have a freemium plan that nobody else has.”

Launched in 2022, Launch Cart allows users to build their eCommerce business by providing access to its software.

For CEO and longtime friend of Master P, Greg Writer, the purpose of providing free online stores is not only to help entrepreneurs have an easier way to sell their products but also to empower communities.

What’s more, Launch Cart aims to give “the kind of love and support to help you put your dream into action” as opposed to big, multi-billion dollar companies.

“Now, we’re not only helping the inventors have a distribution channel and then the entrepreneurs find products to sell, but we really believe we can lift up communities — not only here in the United States, but globally,” Writer told us. “We already have customers in 180 countries, [including] everything from Ghana to South Africa to Malaysia to Bangladesh to India to Pakistan.”

Courtesy of Launch Cart

According to Writer, Launch Cart plans to become a source-and-sell marketplace to allow entrepreneurs to source products to sell on a commission basis. Additionally, it envisions offering bank accounts and Banking as a Service (BaaS) to help facilitate bookkeeping and accounting.

At the heart of Master P’s endeavors is to support the community, and his time at Launch Cart is no different. While looking to take the company to the next level with the help of investors, he wants people who are climbing from the bottom of the ladder to also have the ability to tap into the movement.

“I think that we’re going to change the game by giving more opportunity, and we are going create more successful people in this world — especially more successful entrepreneurs because you have to have a different mindset to be an entrepreneur. And it’s not going to be easy. We’re prepared to work, to grow with the technology, and to offer customers that strategy to where we want to see your business come to life. We want to see your business grow.”

As Hip-Hop is approaching its 50th anniversary, Master P looks at his Launch Cart appointment as a testament to its evolution.

“To have a company of this magnitude believing me to be the Chairman and coming from Hip-Hop, that just goes to show you that these 50 years that we’ve grown in Hip-Hop, we’re definitely changing the game,” he said. “We’re thinking outside the box and we’re growing. We’re selling products, we’re selling brands. And I just want this to open up so many other doors to other people that look like us to get these opportunities.”