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10 Podcasts Putting In Overtime To Help The Black Community Level Up

Absorbing books, consuming news, and learning new information has seen a significant shift with the popularity of podcasts. And whether you prefer Apple, Spotify, Audible, or any platform in between, listeners across the globe can access information otherwise not available, be entertained, and gain tools to maximize their trajectories. With great efficiency from the comfort of their smartphone, podcast listeners have a huge library of choices from genres such as comedy, society and culture, and entrepreneurship. The next time you are chilling, running errands, or engaging in the never-ending cycle of adulting, check out these podcasts that are putting in overtime to inspire and help you tap into the next level of your future.

Mar 30, 2023

Product Management Pimpin: Amazon's Kimberley Holloway Has Mastered The Art Of Pivoting, And You Can Too

Pivoting has become a common theme for the working class since the health crisis hit last March. Many professionals found themselves tapping into their unique skills to make career changes, and arguably every leadership team quickly pivoted business models to continue serving customers. But pivoting can be two-fold. Some pivot because they see an opportunity for change, while others may be forced to — depending on the industry they work in. Either way, product management guru Kimberley Holloway embraces the art of pivoting, and she gathered some strategies. And, if you’re looking to make career changes the right way , she will expand on this topic during AfroTech 2021. Secure a ticket to the conference today. View this post on Instagram A post shared by AfroTech ( Holloway’s resume spans a decade of experience. She’s worked in product management at big-name companies, including The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, Samsung and NortonLifeLock. “Pivoting is not easy, but...

Oct 26, 2021

Talent Platform Career Karma is Using Its Rapid Growth to Become the Top Hub For Career Advice

Over the course of 2020, Americans have witnessed a large decline in employment across the country due to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To add onto that, income inequality and rapid reskilling for under-sourced people have both become some of the most critical issues in our society that need to be addressed. In an effort to provide viable solutions for the blue-collar workforce during this crucial time, online talent platform Career Karma has set out to build a repeatable and scalable system designed to match workers across the country with higher-paying jobs and more fulfilling careers. “We want to help a billion people in ten years,” said CEO and co-founder Ruben Harris. “In the last year, over 50 million Americans filed for unemployment due to COVID-19, most of them being Black and brown [people]. We want to effectively reskill and upskill those people quickly into jobs in a short amount of time and there’s no other platform that exists in order to do that.”...

Dec 9, 2020

4 Reasons Tracking Your Own Success at Your Job is Important

Question for you: are you measuring your success and accomplishments at the job on a daily or regular basis? If we’re honest, many of us rely on our quarterly, semi, or annual reviews to try and recall what we’ve achieved and to measure our past performance; a key indicator for going for that raise or promotion. You see, we do so much on a day-to-day that we often forget all the things we’ve done to forward our company’s growth, culture, and objectives. When we’re not consistently documenting these achievements–whether big or small, we miss the opportunity to highlight all the magic we bring to the organization. And you’ve worked too hard to just let that slide! So, here are four vital reasons why you want to begin keeping track of your own performance on a regular basis. #1 What You Track Grows Tracking your own performance encourages you to hold yourself accountable to your goals. It also promotes progress because what is measured grows in your desired direction. It keeps you on...

Oct 24, 2020

Former Wall Street Exec Launches Career Development Startup With Her Daughter

For former Goldman Sachs employee Edith Cooper, standing out in the workplace is something she’s grown to be familiar with during the last 20 years. Being the lone person of color in a sea of white faces has proven to be a difficult challenge for her, but serving on the boards of both Slack and Etsy has helped her triumph over her obstacles in her career. Now the executive is exploring a new business venture with her daughter, an all-inclusive, innovative idea that promotes life and career coaching for everyone. According to TechCrunch , Cooper and her daughter, Jordan Taylor — a former chief of staff at MIC and Harvard Business School Baker Scholar — have teamed up to found Medley , a new membership-based community that provides young professionals with career development skills and building blocks for life. “As Black women, we have found strength in our heritage and the resiliency required to surmount the barriers of racism that have existed in our lives and still exist today. We...

Jul 22, 2020