Taco Bell aims to shake up the drive-thru line as we knew it with a new tech-driven concept!

The Verge reports that the fast-food chain has opened the door to its latest restaurant in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. It is a digital-driven, two-story restaurant that allows consumers to treat the drive-thru line much like a bank having their orders completely delivered to them within minutes thanks to a vertical lift (or in this case food tube).

Taco Bell Defy was launched with a “bold goal of creating a 2 minute or less drive-thru experience for customers of this concept,” per reports from Taco Bell President Mike Grams.


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Innovation At Its Finest

With the all-new concept, Taco Bell Defy offers four lanes, but only one will operate in the traditional fashion where an actual human takes the order. The rest of the lanes are completely designed to be more suitable for mobile orders and third-party delivery services.

“For decades we’ve been committed to providing a fast, safe and friendly drive-thru experience,” said Grams in a statement. “Now with our bold goal of creating a two minute or less drive-thru experience for customers of this concept, Taco Bell Defy is the future.”

All lanes are tailored to the way the food is ordered with one operating solely for delivery drivers and others which are equipped with “two-way audio and video technology service for customers to talk to team members on the second floor,” according to the company.

This Is The Future

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the entire way of life with the way that a person accesses food high on the list of things that are completely different. With Taco Bell Defy, the chain joins the likes of other restaurants such as Chipotle, McDonald’s and Starbucks who have made transformations in the ways that consumers order fast food.

In the future, the brand says that many features in the new restaurant “could show up in future Taco Bell restaurants in the US.”