Bobby Brown is a living legend. The Boston native has been dubbed the “King of R&B” and even the “Bad Boy of R&B,” but whichever way you spin it, life has always been his prerogative.

From his rise to fame as an originating member of New Edition — arguably one of the best boy bands of all time — to his huge breakout success as a solo act, Brown has been able to stand the test of time, and he is still here to share his story for the world to hear.

AfroTech caught up with both Brown and his wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, ahead of the premiere of “Biography: Bobby Brown” and “Bobby Brown: Every Little Step” to discuss life for the superstar these days, his love for cooking, and what it’s like running a business alongside his loved ones.

On Sharing His Story ...His Way

Never one to shy away from speaking his truth, Brown has returned to the screen to share his story like it’s never been told before.

“I’m ready for fans to see a little more, well a lot more about Bobby,” said Brown in an exclusive interview with AfroTech. “I hate to talk about myself in third person, but I really want them to see the ups and downs and how I got through them because I think somebody out there can use some help with how they deal with life. So I really want them to see how I’ve been able to maintain and get through some of the ups and downs in my life.”

Alicia has had a front-row seat, watching Bobby evolve and grow despite what seems like loss after loss over the years. What’s more, she told AfroTech that she believes hearing his story from his mouth is something that the world needs during this time.

“I’m super proud and excited that people will hear his story from his mouth, you know, his own words, [about] how it really was and has been for him throughout the years,” she shared. “From a little boy and starting his career very early, being out there working, supporting his entire family, and always just maintaining and trying to keep balance in life. Often when we’re young, you know, things occur and you have ups and downs in life. But again, I just love to see the growth and that people will experience that when they watch the biography.”

King Of The Kitchen

Not only is Brown the King of R&B, but his love for cooking has also made him a self-proclaimed King of the Kitchen and quite a businessman.

Following the premiere of “Biography: Bobby Brown,” the fans will get a firsthand glance at Brown as a family man and entrepreneur in the new series, “Bobby Brown: Every Little Step.”

“We’re so fortunate that he is multitalented on the stage as well as in our kitchen,” Alicia beamed. “Bobby is definitely a favorite of ours for being the chef whenever we have any kind of major events, family gatherings, anything you can think of — everybody wants Bobby to cook. So, I thought that we should really package this up and get it out to the masses.”

Brown, who often spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his mother as a child whenever he was punished, quickly gained a love for cooking and the way it makes his family feel when met with one of his delicious recipes. He continues to share that love with the world through his company, Bobby Brown Foods.

Bobby’s Original BBQ Sauce bottles up the kick of spice and flavor that the R&B legend brings to the kitchen table and provides the culture with natural ingredients that are health conscious.

“I don’t want to put it all on my shoulders or toot my own horn, but it was my wife who came up with the idea to bottle it and sell it. I was just the one in the kitchen trying to put all the spices in and bring things together,” said Brown. “She was the one that came up with the master plan to put it out to the masses.”

Every Little Step Counts

As someone who has grappled with the aftermath of success since the age of 14, Brown’s idea of life accomplishments looks a lot different at age 53.

“Success looks like, healthy and happy,” he shared. “Just being this healthy and happy within ourselves and within the tight little unit we have with our kids and family.”

Overall, as Brown continues to take it one step at a time, every little step is intentional and his hope is to inspire others along the way.

“I hope that people learn to understand that you will go through ups and downs in life, but it’s just about how you deal with them,” said Brown. “I want people to really pay attention to the fact that I am still standing, I am still touring. I am still doing everything that I have done in the past as far as entertainment is concerned. I’m moving on and pushing on as hard as I possibly can.”